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2019 Ethical & Sustainable Brand Partnerships

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As you know, StyleWise takes on advertising partners throughout the year in order to support the ongoing work of this blog. I have tried to be very up front about my strategy with readers, simply because there’s a lot of misinformation and deception – however unintentional – in the world of blogging. This year in particular, I have worked to build out a quality over quantity strategy that pays me fairly and creates effective brand awareness for the brands I work with.

On that note, today I wanted to introduce my 2019 Collaboration strategy. 

In an effort to create the types of partnerships that most benefit all 3 parties – the reader, the brand, and me – I will be introducing a new format next year.

Quarterly Partnerships

How It Works:

  • The brand will pay a base rate at the beginning of the quarter and provide 1-2 items of clothing or accessories for me to use and wear regularly.

  • Brands and products are selected at my discretion to ensure a high degree of transparency and authenticity.

  • During that quarter, the item(s) will be featured in 3 total blog posts:

    • 2 Personal Style Posts

    • 1 Seasonal Favorites overview

    • Each post will receive social media shares, and the Seasonal Favorites post will be shared on Pinterest with a custom graphic.

    • As items will be integrated into my closet, they will then be featured sporadically in additional posts throughout the year, based on what I wear organically.

    • A la carte coverage can be added to this as appropriate.

Why this format?

Message Consistency: 

I realize how frustrating it can be as a reader to see a string of “brand spotlights” featuring items the blogger never seems to wear again. A lot of this can be boiled down to the blogger simply not having the time to re-feature certain things, but it can still feel like it’s going against the stated premise of a sustainable fashion blog. By incorporating items seasonally, I hope to be able to re-feature items more frequently.

Relationship Building:

I have made a lot of trusted friends through brand partnerships and other types of blog collaborations, and I want to be able to continue those relationships with the people I know while also working to build connections with new brands. Longer term collaborations make that possible, and they also mean we can respond to the needs of all involved in a much more thoughtful way. 


I really don’t need a million new things, but having a blog that partly deals with reviews makes it hard not to acquire a lot of stuff. Working with only a handful of brands per quarter means I’ll get the chance to reduce total acquisitions for the blog while also better appreciating the things I have received.

Financial Security:

I’m hoping to book seasonal collaborations early enough that I know how much I’ll be making off of freelance well in advance, which frees me up to stop hustling so hard in the interim. That means my non-sponsored content can be bolstered by financial confidence, and hopefully that will also mean I’ll have more time to do researched posts, which can fall by the wayside when I’m trying to manage the backend of this blog business.

Why Sponsored Posts?

I’ve talked about this before (links below), but I believe in sponsored posts for this blog because they help me create long form, useful content that gets brands in front of the eyes of the right people. They are, of course, marketing strategies, and it’s perfectly fine to think of them that way. Working in the space of sustainable fashion is a bit different from managing a traditional fashion blog because we are doing the work of long term awareness rather than impulse shopping. Sponsored posts often work better than affiliate links in this setting as a result.

If you’re a brand…

Please click through to my Media Kit, then contact me at if you’re interested in partnering.

If you’re a reader…

Please let me know in the comments what formats, brands, products, etc. you’re interested in and why.

I’ve closed the books on 2018 collaborations, but I have two more sponsored posts and a BIG ethical Holiday gift guide coming in the next couple weeks, with plans to take off the whole month of December (!).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.