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Gee, The Traffic is Terrific! Nimble’s Sustainable Tech Charger is a Road Trip Lifesaver

Nimble ethical and sustainable technology wireless and portable chargers

This post was sponsored by Nimble in partnership with Ethical Writers & Creatives.

You’ve heard about my ancient iPhone technology, so now let me tell you about my ancient car.

Goldie Locks II is a gold 2000 Saturn SL2 with all the features, including a cassette player and a CD player, and a sunroof that we can no longer open because the fabric liner will fall down and cause reckless driving.

I was telling my husband how excited I am to have a new, sustainable tech charger from Nimble because it will make it possible to take our annual road trip down to Florida without fear of a dying iPhone and loss of GPS.

He pointed out that most people have a way of charging their phones through a tech port or other plugin in their cars and thus my brilliant concept for this post was less brilliant than I’d initially imagined.

Nimble ethical and sustainable technology wireless and portable chargers stylewise-blog.comNimble ethical and sustainable technology wireless and portable chargers

I’ll admit that he’s probably right, but I still stand by my choice to prioritize a portable charger that can charge a phone as many as 5 times before having to be recharged itself instead of buying a new car. Definitely a better value, not to mention a better environmental choice when you consider the raw materials necessary to produce a car. I should also point out that the car industry is one that is almost guaranteed to include slave labor in the supply chain by nature of being closely linked to the steel manufacturing industry. For that reason alone, it’s imperative to be thoughtful and strategic about new car purchases.

What Makes Nimble Sustainable?

As I’ve discussed before, the vast majority of new technology uses toxic virgin materials that end up in landfills when consumers decide they’re ready to upgrade. Nimble, however, aims to make a range of responsibly sourced, eco-friendly tech products with an eye toward circularity (this seems to be the theme of the month). 

They do this by sourcing fully recyclable aluminum and plant-based plastics manufactured without adhesives. The fabric used in their wireless charger line is made of organic hemp and recycled plastic. There are, of course, components that can’t yet be considered circular, but Nimble aims to continue to make progress in this arena, and they’re working to become a certified B-Corp in addition to their current public benefit corporation status. 

Nimble products are packaged simply in cardboard using custom, size efficient boxes and come with a bag to put old tech in and return to a responsible recycling service.

You can learn more about their practices here.

Nimble ethical and sustainable technology wireless and portable chargers

Why The 5-Day Fast Portable Charger Works for Me

As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t have a charger that’s car compatible, so having a portable charger I can rely on for more than one full charge makes traveling feel a lot more secure. I’ve been stuck numerous times with a quickly dying phone (my phone, after all, is also old) and not a clue as to where I’m going. Being able to charge my phone on the go means I don’t have to worry about losing my connection to both GPS and people I may need to call in an emergency. This probably goes without saying, but obviously the charger would also be great for plane travel or days where you’re out and about without access to a plug.

The 5-Day Charger has a fast charge option that will charge a phone 3x faster than standard chargers and can charge up to 4 devices at once, or one phone 5 times.

The 5-Day Charger costs a very reasonable $59.95, but Nimble also sells smaller and larger portable chargers, which you can view here.

As long as Daniel and I manage not to get a stomach bug on day one of our road trip this year (that was last year’s saga, unfortunately), we’ll be in really good shape to travel…and we’ll definitely remember not to open the sunroof this time.

Shop Nimble Here.

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