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An Ethical Alternative to Amazon Prime Day | Better Days

an ethical amazon prime day better days
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I’m a big fan of DoneGood and wanted to share information about their second annual Better Days. I don’t normally post press releases, but Cullen and team deserve some non-sponsored advertising. The following copy is from DoneGood.

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An Ethical Alternative to Amazon Prime Day

Dozens of ethical brands across the country have created a sustainable alternative to Amazon Prime Day.  The event is called Better Days. Like Prime Day, shoppers can get good deals, but very much unlike Prime Day, they can also know their purchases are creating better days for other people and the planet as well.

The companies participating in Better Days believe that the dollars we all spend are the world’s most powerful force for change.  Americans donated $400 billion to charity last year, but spent 325 times more than that buying stuff! 

If even a fraction of that spending can reduce poverty, fight climate change, invest in communities, make the world better—the impact is huge.  We believe the dollars we all spend are the world’s most powerful force for change.

Here are some details:

Amazon still has yet to announce when, or if for certain, they’ll hold Prime Day this year.

But shoppers looking for deals can still get them during “Better Days,” the sustainable alternative to Prime Day where shoppers can get major discounts—and also create better days for people and the planet at the same time.

Many reports have exposed Amazon’s mistreatment of its workers (especially during the covid-19 pandemic) and negative impact on the planet.  Amazon also elects to sell items made by companies so terrible for workers and the environment that even many other major big box retailers have blacklisted them.

On the other hand, every product available through Better Days is made by socially and environmentally responsible brands that are fighting global poverty, paying fair wages, producing in safe working conditions, and combatting climate change with highly ecofriendly business practices.  

By supporting brands like these, shoppers aren’t just getting good deals, they’re making a positive impact too.

And all carbon emissions for all orders are offset, so ordering is carbon neutral and doesn’t contribute to climate change (another way this is different than ordering on Amazon…).

Better Days is a joint effort among dozens of brands leading the ethical-and-sustainable business movement.  The event is organized by DoneGood, which Forbes called “The Amazon for Social Good”.

This year Better Days will run from September 28 – 30.  This is the second annual Better Days event. 

More information is available at DoneGood

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