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  • Franklin Graham is Wrong About Progressive Christianity
    Franklin Graham and Progressive Christianity Franklin Graham, son of famous Evangelist and Christian speaker, Billy Graham, recently penned an article for Decision Magazine entitled, The Eternal Peril of Progressive Christianity. In it, he writes: It has cropped up in the halls of seminaries, infiltrated the pulpits of thousands of churches and been propagated by a …
  • Big News and a Big Skirt
    Big News We’re moving to Houston! I will be starting a position as a curate in July. A curate is a recently ordained person who works in a clergy role for two years to get comprehensive experience in a congregational context. The rector (“head pastor”) of the church will serve as both my boss and …
  • How To Shop Sustainably Without Really Trying
    How To Shop Sustainably Without Really Trying In 2020, I decided to lay off some of my rigid guidelines for shopping. We were six months into the pandemic and everything was terrible. Things were worse than ever for garment workers, there were massive supply chain delays, and companies I trusted weren’t living up to their …

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