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Y’all, there is a (very) small gleam of light in the midst of this hellish month. I finally found some Everlane Denim styles that work for my curvy thighs and pear shape.

Everlane Denim To Try When You’re Pear Shaped

I loved the Cigarette Jeans, but by the time I realized I needed to size up, they had discontinued the style (plus, the button-fly wasn’t ideal in stretchy denim – they definitely pulled at the hip).

And, while I still stand by my American Eagle Vs. Everlane denim comparison, the AE styles I purchased in the fall are already showing significant wear in the seat. I don’t think that’s reasonable after only six months of owning them, so I wanted to see if I could find some Everlane Authentic Stretch styles that truly worked.

Their denim, in my experience, is much higher quality while still being comfortable for everyday wear. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the 5 Everlane Denim Styles that work for my body.

My Proportions: I am 5’7″, have proportionally long legs and a high rise, thicker thighs and knees, and often experience gapping at the waist or pulling in the seat and thighs depending on what pant size I purchase. In other brands, I typically wear a 29/8 in pants. I wear a size to two sizes larger in pants than I do in tops.

I’ve tried almost all of Everlane’s denim styles over the years, and this is my analysis of the ones that have actually worked for me.

A Few Fit Notes If You’re Pear-Shaped

1 | Many reviews suggest sizing down in Everlane denim, but I have ALWAYS had to purchase either my standard size or size up, not for the waist measurement, but for extra space in the seat and thighs. I think Everlane cuts the legs of their pants thinner than other brands.

2 | Most of Everlane denim listed as “high rise” has about an 11″ to 11.5″ rise. Measure yourself from crotch to waist. If your body measurement exceeds this number – especially if you are curvy through the seat – these will not hit at the smallest part of your waist. Sizing up will allow the jeans to fall more comfortably, just below your natural waist.

3 | Authentic Stretch is your friend. Everlane carries denim in more rigid fabric, but if you are aiming for comfort and flexibility, look for either their Authentic Stretch options or their looser weave options, which normally come out closer to the summer. This is the same for pants – I can wear their “lightweight” chinos much more comfortably than the heavyweight varieties because there’s more give through the seat and thighs.

NOTE: Through Sunday, March 22, several denim styles are on sale for $50. Shop here.

Here are the pieces I’ll be reviewing in this post:

  1. Curvy Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny
  2. Authentic Stretch Skinny Bootcut
  3. Modern Flare
  4. Super-Straight Jean
  5. The Summer Jean

Curvy Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny

Size Purchased: 30

Fit: I had previously ordered these in a 29, but they still felt too tight in the seat. The 30, as you can see, has a bit of wiggle room, but I suspect they’ll tighten up after washing. The waist to hip proportion is much better than Everlane’s standard sizing.

Color Options: These come in 3 colors, dark wash, this medium wash, and faded black.

Notes: The dark wash runs a bit smaller and feels more rigid than the medium wash, but I would not advocate sizing up beyond one size unless you’re already between sizes.


Worn with: Pima Micro-Rib Cap Sleeve, ReKnit Glove Flats (reviewed here)

Authentic Stretch Skinny Bootcut

Size Purchased: 30

Fit: Perfect fit through the seat and hip, slight gapping at the waist. The stretch denim is soft and flexible, so this isn’t an obvious problem, and the good fit in the thighs keeps them from sagging.

Color Options: Same colors as skinnies

Notes: These are the best dupes for the Cigarette Jean in Everlane’s current collection. They’re more flared at the hem, but the leg feels very similar.


Worn with: thrifted shoes

Modern Flare

Size Received (c/o): 30

Fit: Maybe it’s due to the darker wash, but these fit with a lot less gapping at the waist, and are a perfect fit in the seat and thigh. A little short for a flare style, but that seems to be Everlane’s intention. While these aren’t labeled as Authentic Stretch, they have a similar fabric make-up. Also reviewed here.

Color Options: Light Wash, Dark Wash (shown here), and True Black

Notes: I still haven’t decided what shoes to wear with these, but they’re a comfy option during social distancing, where shoes no longer matter.


Worn with: Darzah Tatreez Oxfords (reviewed here)

Super-Straight Jean

Size Received (c/o): 30

Fit: Comprised of thicker, more rigid denim than the previous styles, the straight cut still accommodates my butt and thighs with minimal gapping at the waist. These are decidedly less comfortable when sitting down, but the vintage-inspired fit was too good not to try. Also reviewed here.

Color Options: 4 colors, Medium Wash, Faded Black, Bone, and Cuffed Dark Indigo (worn here)

Notes: The fit on these is similar to the popular Cheeky style, which I may review and add to this post at a later date.


Worn with: Day Glove Flats, The Grommet Belt

Summer Jean

Size Purchased: 29

Fit: While 100% cotton, this denim is thin and loosely woven for move give through the leg. That being said, they still feel tight in the thigh when seated. If I were to re-purchase these, I would probably go up to a 30 for the comfort factor.

Color Options: Vintage Light Blue (shown here), Mid Blue, Bone

Notes: These are mid-rise (rise varies by size) with an intentionally cropped fit.


Worn with: Tread Sneakers (reviewed here)

Remember: Through Sunday, March 22, several denim styles are on sale for $50. Shop here.

Leah Wise

Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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  1. Which ones will you keep?

    1. I will keep all of these because they work for my shape, though I’ll likely live in the authentic stretch and flare denim more than the more rigid cotton options.

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