Thoughtful Style | Gingham Dress & Day Glove Flats

Ethical Details: Tissue Tee – old J. Crew (similar here); Dress – secondhand via Darling Consignment (similar here); Glasses – vintage via Retrospecced; Shoes – Everlane Day Glove in Rose; Earrings – Siizu

There is nothing better than a gingham sundress, especially paired with vintage glasses to finish off the retro look.

The weather has been perfect the past couple of days and it really affects my mood. I feel like a weight has been lifted. The last few months have been, I wouldn’t say hard exactly, but packed full of meetings and deadlines, unexpected responsibilities and extra rehearsals.

In some ways, it’s been wonderful. I feel really grounded and especially thankful for the supportive community I have around me in this town. As I look forward and make plans, it’s good to remember how much bounty I have right here. I’m being intentionally vague, but I’m hoping to be able to share more about what’s going on very soon!

For now, please enjoy this sundress with me.

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