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My 5 Favorite Ethical Accessories

This post contains a couple affiliate links and is partially sponsored by brands.

I used to joke that Coco Chanel’s advice to take one item of jewelry off before leaving the house would leave me sans any jewelry at all.

Though I enjoy a bit of eccentricity in my outfits, I have tended to pick out only one special jewelry item each morning to finish off my look. I don’t usually wear earrings and a necklace at the same time, for instance. And I avoid bangles and other statement pieces around my wrists.

But over the years, I’ve added a couple pieces that I never take off, including my engagement ring, a nose piercing and a simple gold-plated cross bracelet from Alex & Ani. By my high school self’s assessment, I’ve become a bit of a jewelry maximalist. But the key is keeping things simple, classic, and streamlined so that the everyday pieces accentuate rather than distract from what I value and how I live.

Without further ado, here are the…

5 Sustainable Jewelry Pieces I Wear (Almost) Every Day

1 | Nose Ring or Small Stud

By: Metal Lotus

Sustainable because: Artisan made in the USA with recycled and sustainable materials. Many items are made to order for added sustainability (less waste!).

Why I like it: There are tons of customization options, from metal type to gauge to backing style – you can even choose your nose ring circumference – which means you can get a comfortable piece that works best for you.

My Favorites: Tiny Gold Dot, Gold Nose Ring

DISCOUNT: Get 15% off with code, STYLE15

2 | A Classic Watch

By: Nordgreen

Sustainable because: Timeless designs made with materials sourced from countries with good labor laws, Nordgreen partners with 3 NGOs that contribute to clean water, kids’ education, and rainforest conservation.

Why I like it: The quality in person is exceptional, and the minimalist Danish design feels right on-trend without being trend driven. You can customize for the watch face design and size, metal, and band color, which means you’re getting a product you don’t have to settle for. Now I don’t have to incessantly check my phone to know what time it is!

My Favorites: 32mm Infinity, 36mm Philosopher (vegan bands available)

DISCOUNT: Get 15% off with code, LEAH15

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.