How To Become an Ethical Lifestyle Blogger

guide to ethical lifestyle blogging - how to become an ethical lifestyle bloggers

I’m excited to announce that after many, many hours of hard work, my first E-Book is now available for purchase.

In January I had the opportunity to do some consultancy work for an ethical trade organization. 93 (fun and informative!) powerpoint slides later, I was ready to share my knowledge on everything from blog posts to monetization to social media best practices. It was an illuminating experience for me, as this was the first opportunity I’d given myself to write down what I’ve learned as an ethical blogger and freelancer over the last five and a half years.

That experience gave me the encouragement I needed to put my head down and write a conversational but informative guide on ethical lifestyle blogging. 10,400 words later, I’m pleased with the guide and ready to share it with the world.

guide to ethical lifestyle blogging - how to become an ethical lifestyle bloggers

Why I Wrote My E-Book

The ethical and sustainable fashion sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and that means that a new crew of influencers are cropping up to fill an ever growing need for transparent conversations and ethical brand discovery. I’ve learned a lot by trial and error over the last several years and I wanted to be able to spare up-and-comers the frustration of those experiences by offering a comprehensive guide to this niche.

In addition to serving the ethical fashion blogging community, I believe that this guide serves as a great tool for brands who want to work with sustainable influencers and bloggers, as it does a deep dive into the industry from our perspective and helps brands frame their pitches and form better relationships with bloggers from the get-go.

(And, let’s be honest, it’s also kind of fun to snoop around and see how bloggers manage their businesses. I am not shy about sharing my methods, so if you’re simply curious, you might benefit from my guide, too.)

What You’ll Learn

Real Life Advice:

I’ve done my best to share lessons I’ve learned, anecdotes from both blogging and my experience as the General Manager of a thrift shop, and the trial and error that has helped me build a viable business and community out of my blog. 

Analytics & Financials Tracking:

I suggest processes and programs that will help you track your analytics and financial goals over the short and long term so you can understand your blog business with total confidence.


My Monetization chapters on affiliate linking and working directly with brands through paid partnerships will help you figure out what strategy or combination of strategies will work best for you, and are also pertinent to brands and individuals looking to work with bloggers and influencers in this niche. 

Content Planning & Creation:

I’ll walk you through how to create a blog site and content that will bring readers back, and keep you from burning out.


I’ve been blogging for years on various topics, but never have I come across such a succinct and power-packed blogger’s how-to guide. Leah’s book provided information for new and seasoned bloggers alike; I honestly learned more about the business side of blogging by reading the Ethical Lifestyle Blogging Guide than I have anywhere else. The tips are actionable and to-the-point. I have a hearty to-do list as a follow up, and I’m excited to implement what I learned. I would recommend Leah’s guide to ANY lifestyle blogger looking to take their efforts seriously. – Jen, Honey Rule

The writing and sections flow really well into each other, making it an uncomplicated and helpful read. I wish I’d read it before I’d started. Even now two years in I’ve made a super long list of things to do from reading this guide – Fran, Ethical Unicorn

The business of blogging takes work, skill, time, and patience, but the payoff is worth it as long as you have reasonable expectations and know how to negotiate your way through brand collaborations, difficult conversations, and potential burnout. I believe my guide serves as an essential resource for any blogger, brand, or influencer looking to take their work seriously and make a difference in the world of sustainability and ethical fashion.

I want to extend a hearty thank you to readers, friends, family, and fellow bloggers who have supported me and helped me build the skills and confidence to keep this blog running, and write this e-book. I hope to write another guide on social media and post more about photo editing and graphic making in the near future.

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guide to ethical lifestyle blogging - how to become an ethical lifestyle bloggers stylewise-blog.comguide to ethical lifestyle blogging - how to become an ethical lifestyle bloggers

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