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 Ethical Details: Dress -  Pyne & Smith Clothiers ; Shoes -  Everlane ; Glasses - Retrospecced
Ethical Details: Dress – Pyne & Smith Clothiers ; Shoes – Everlane ; Glasses – Retrospecced

There is something about a Pyne & Smith Clothiers dress that demands that I strike a pose.

I always feel like the perfect vintage lady in Joanna’s pieces. I bought this dress after staring at it longingly for months. There was a conversation in the Pyne & Smith facebook group about whether pale people can wear yellow, and I firmly came out on the side of “yes!” It’s all about your level of comfort in the color, how the particular tone lines up with your specific coloring, and whether you’re willing to make it work. Sure, it brings out some of the red in my skin, but the color is so cheerful it’s hard to resist.

Joanna sent me a piece for review in the fall, which was nice of her, but when I really like a company I generally do try to purchase things from them after reviewing their products, especially when they’re small makers. That point of connection means a lot.

In other news, I had a wonderful experience volunteering as a hair model for a local Davines hair color master class on Monday. I was originally hoping to go platinum, but they told me that this particular class challenge was to do a transformation without bleach, so I went for a more vibrant red.

Davines is a sustainable salon product line – it was sheer coincidence that this happened to be the class I volunteered for – and my stylist Haley told me that they source a lot of ingredients for products from their own farm in Italy. While their permanent hair color still contains ingredients like ammonia, the base ingredients tend to be naturally derived and less polluting than typical dyes. If you’re looking to use something other than henna to dye your hair, consider looking up local Davines salons.

(But if you want to get a similar color with henna, check out my tutorial here.)

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