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everlane day glove reknit flats on a white quilt with gray cat in foreground - Everlane Day Glove ReKnit edition is soft, flexible, and comfortable for all day wear without rubbing or break-in

The Everlane Day Glove, ReKnit Edition

For the last several months, I had been saving up Everlane store credit to use on a pair of white Western boots, convinced that they were my dream. By the time they arrived in my front lobby, however, I had sprained my ankle, thus making them impossible to wear.

Upon opening them, I also discovered they didn’t have very good traction, which, considering the lingering anxiety I have about falling over and hurting myself and the reality of icy, snow-covered concrete here in New Haven, seemed like a recipe for disaster.

All that to say that I decided to use that store credit to review as many of Everlane’s “recycled” (more like recycled-content-containing) products as possible, within my actual aesthetic.

Everlane day glove reknit flats in yellow on feet with cheetah print socks

I ended up acquiring five things: The Day Glove ReKnit (size 8), the ReNew Bra (Small), the Perform Legging (Medium), the ReCotton Tee (M), and the ReCashmere Beret.

I’m mentioning these here because I ended up returning both the ReNew Bra and Perform Leggings due to poor fit. I followed sizing recommendations for both, but ended up with pieces that were way too small and generally poorly proportioned. And as I’ve mentioned before, I am on the fence about products that use “recycled” in their marketing, but come mostly from a mix of plastic and new materials, too, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

Of course, the ReKnit flats are also from recycled plastic, but they have a very high percentage of recycled material versus the leggings, at 88%. They’re also soft and flexible all around, which is good for my still-healing ankle and foot.

Everlane reknit day glove flats in yellow with the box in the background - Everlane Day Glove ReKnit edition is soft, flexible, and comfortable for all day wear without rubbing or break-in

Everlane Day Glove ReKnit Review


I bought a size 8, the size I wear in the leather Day Glove flats, and at first I was worried they were too big. However, once my foot warmed up (I had just come in from 30 degree temps) and spread out, these fit really well.

And the length was just right – I think otherwise I could size down to a 7.5, but it would feel a bit short in the toe. Because the fabric is more flexible, this style will accommodate a wider foot than the leather version.


These are much softer and sturdier than they look, if that makes sense. The rib knit is closely woven and thick, but the material itself isn’t rigid at all. They really feel like you’re wearing a slipper. Note that these are not vegan, as they have leather accents.


The rubber sole has reasonable traction for such a low-profile shoe. We’ll see how they hold up with regular wear.

Price Point:

Considering this shoe’s main competition is Rothy’s (which is certainly not a more ethical company than Everlane) I would say that these are an affordable option at $98. Time will tell whether they hold up enough to feel worth it, but if they’re anything like the leather Day Glove, they will become staples in my wardrobe.

The Day Glove ReKnit comes in eight colors.

I will eventually be featuring the ReCotton Tee and I’ve already shown the beret worn (it’s currently out of stock, unfortunately).

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