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Partner With StyleWise

Partner with StyleWise

About StyleWise

Founded in 2013, StyleWise is one of the longest-running ethical fashion and sustainable personal style blogs on the internet. We strive to create a space that is a lasting resource for our readers with a lot of hope, thoughtfulness, and attention to complexity.

My staff and I carefully optimize posts and pages to drive targeted traffic to the blog. We also use Pinterest strategically. Our top referrers are Google and Pinterest.

StyleWise readers:

  • Are professional women and non-binary folks aged 25-45
  • Have an introductory understanding of ethical and sustainable fashion, and are looking to dive deeper
  • Appreciate complexity and intersectionality
  • Are avid shoppers looking for trustworthy resources

Past Clients include…

  • Nimble
  • Ana Luisa
  • Mata Traders
  • Ponto Footwear
  • Sela Designs
  • Quince
  • Everlane
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • ABLE
  • PELA

The Data

Monthly Views

  • 30K Monthly Pageviews
  • 25K Monthly Sessions
  • 22K Unique Monthly Visitors
  • 350K Monthly Pinterest Views


  • 3.7K RSS Subscribers
  • 3.6K Pinterest Followers
  • 400+ Email Subscribers

(Numbers reflect a three-month average, updated September 2022)


  • 78% USA + Canada, Australia, UK, & Germany
  • 70% Female
  • 22% Ages 25-34, 24% 35-44, 22% 45-54
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The Partnerships


Shopping Guide

Your brand and product listed in a multi-brand roundup centered around a theme. Includes one paragraph and 2 links. Product not required.

Styled Review

Your product reviewed in a narrative-based Personal Style post. Includes at least one paragraph on the brand and 2 links. Product required.

Dedicated Post

A 700-1,200 word fact-checked, researched post on a brand-relevant topic. Written by Leah, with some exceptions.
Product not required.

On Pinterest (@stylewiseblog)

Create Pin

A 3-4 slide informational or how-to Create pin featuring your product and custom images. Product required.

Set of Pins

Image pins with custom images and text overlay. I can use your preferred link to redirect to a product, site, or social media page. Product not always required.

How Blog Partnerships Work

At StyleWise, we believe strongly in the power of blog-based content. Unlike social media partnerships, blog partnerships leverage the power of search engines to create evergreen content that gains traction over time. We take the long view, and ensure that all of our posts are optimized for search engines so that your post will perform well.

While social media partnerships may fizzle out within hours, sponsored blog posts can take six months to a year to gain traction. But once they do, they remain effective marketing tools for years after the post was initially created.

Individual posts perform differently based on a number of conditions, including market trends, spontaneous virality, algorithm changes, and world events. We follow SEO best practices, but cannot control all factors of the partnership once it is released “into the wild.” If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

See a selection of completed 2020 partnerships here.

Contact Leah today to discuss partnerships

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