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Founded in 2013, StyleWise is one of the longest-running ethical fashion and sustainable personal style blogs on the internet. I strive to create a space that is a lasting resource for my readers – no filler, no glossing over the issues – with a lot of hope, thoughtfulness, and attention to complexity.

I have worked with dozens of brands over the past seven years, so I know what works. And I know your time, product, and budget are precious. I aim to create beautiful, accessible, authentic content that helps engage more people in the exercise of thoughtful, ethical consumerism.

Past and Current Partners: Mata Traders, Synergy Organic Clothing, Nordgreen, EarthHero, Sela Designs, Tonle, Liz Alig, Metal Lotus, Ten Thousand Villages, Everlane, Rainforest Alliance, United Nations Development Programme, MATTER Prints, Pela Case, Abrazo Style, EcoVibe Apparel, Krochet Kids, Maven Women, People Tree, GlobeIn, NoIssue, and dozens more.

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Your product featured in a styled review:

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Price: $475 + product

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