StyleWise Reader Survey 2020

StyleWise Reader Survey!

I got a lot more detailed feedback than I was expecting on my State of the Blog Address, and for that, I am really thankful.

I really appreciated that many of you took the time to respond in detail about the topic, and it made me think that another Reader Survey might be in order. I skipped the Reader Survey in 2019 because I wasn’t feeling the same momentum toward growth that I had in previous years, but I think it’s a really important way to gauge general interest because it’s anonymous and can be as simple as answering a few multiple choice questions (though there are some places for longer comments if you feel so inclined).

This year, I added more questions about identity because I recognize how easy it is to look at the flat analytics data and still not have a good picture of who reads StyleWise. None of the survey questions are required, so skip them if you prefer not to say. There’s also a short answer form if you don’t see your identity represented in the questions.

If you don’t see the embed form, here’s the link.

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