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Announcing…The StyleWise Shop On DoneGood

This isn’t exactly *new* news, but I wanted to make sure to dedicate a quick post to my collaboration with DoneGood.

DoneGood, which I’ve featured before – and which I frequently use thanks to their browser extension – is a shopping tool that helps people discover ethically sourced, empowering, women and bipoc-owned companies without hours of Google searching. They have an online shopping site in addition to their browser extension, and as part of that site they’ve recently launched blogger shops.

What You’ll Find on the StyleWise x DoneGood Shop

You’ll find a sampling of my favorite brands, plus dozens of individual products hand-selected by me. Some include discount codes and other special offers. If you shop on my DoneGood shop page, I’ll receive commission on items purchased.

DoneGood has been really kind in the way they’ve set up their commission structure, and I am grateful to call them – especially my main point of contact, Cullen – my friends and colleagues.

What’s particularly great about the DoneGood is that they partner with a diversity-in-business program that keeps them accountable to their mission to work with more women and bipoc-owned businesses. This means they actively seek out businesses that can aid them in their longterm goals toward equity and representation, not only at the producer or artisan level, but at the executive level.

You can shop my selections anytime by going to or by clicking on the banner at the bottom of my blog.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.