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9 Sustainable Costume & Fine Jewelry Earrings Faves + Why They’re Great for Travel

I’m one of those people who prides themselves on packing light.

That means – no matter how long I’ll be gone – I pack everything in my trusty old Jansport backpack circa 2003. Necessarily, I have to pack with versatility in mind, which means that my clothes tend to be plain so that I can wear them in endless combinations.

To spruce things up, I like to pack the best of my earring “wardrobe,” both sustainable fine jewelry and older costume pieces from my favorite ethical retailers. I’ll be headed down to Florida for a quick beach vacation with Daniel, his mom, and his sister later this month – a kind of last hurrah to living in the south – so travel is on my mind. Since I’ll be packing swimwear, shorts, simple t-shirts, and a couple pairs of sandals, I want to make sure I have a few good accessories to make things feel more like me.

Why travel with earrings?

I find that earrings are the best accessory to pack for a few reasons.

They don’t tangle like necklaces tend to do, I can (sometimes) get away with keeping them on during airport security, and they work with every neckline and sleeve length. I’ll typically wear a dainty pair on travel days and bring a couple of statement sets for dinners and other times I want to make a bigger statement.

The pieces below are new and old, quirky and classic. Some are investments and some are everyday. But all make a regular appearance in my outfits, especially when I travel.

This post contains affiliate links and some products have been gifted over time, though none exclusively for this roundup.

My Ethical & Sustainable Earring Capsule

1 | Molly Virginia Made U Earrings – bought locally at Darling Boutique

Locally made

2 | Ten Thousand Villages Tassel Earrings

Fair trade, often made with recycled metal

3 | ABLE Marina Earrings

Made ethically in Nashville

4 | Thicket Blackberry Thorn Earringsreviewed here

Made with ethically sourced metals and cast from organic materials

5-6 | AU | RATE Cuff & Eye Earring (single)

Made ethically with recycled fine metals.

7 | Sharon Z Silver Spear Earringsreviewed here

Made with recycled and ethically sourced materials. Sharon also runs a very informative blog on jewelry making and sourcing here.

8 | Sela Designs Tagua Nut Earringssee it worn here

Made with sustainable tagua nut with proceeds benefiting charity

9 | Siizu Earrings

Made with cellulose acetate, a renewable material

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.