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A Clothing Swap

This ankle injury has made outfit picture-taking a confounding experience. The reality is that I have worn, exclusively, these Allbirds Mizzle high-tops ever since I received them several weeks ago. They’re the only thing I can get my foot into without causing additional pain.

They’re attractive as far as sneakers go, but as a self-declared “shoe person,” wearing the same pair of shoes every day is simply not inspiring.

State medicaid refused my doctor’s MRI request, so I am awaiting the six-week mark of the injury (which is next week) to request again.

 Details: Turtleneck -  Everlane ; Shoes -  Allbirds ; Dress, Hat, Belt - secondhand Details: Turtleneck – Everlane ; Shoes – Allbirds ; Dress, Hat, Belt – secondhand

But this post is about a clothing swap

About a month ago, a few divinity school friends and I planned an informal clothing swap. There were no rules or expectations: no one had to bring something in order to take something and there were no limits on what people could take.

We set up shop at a local church’s community space within walking distance of the div school, laying out items around the room. More than anything, it was a chance to mingle with other members of the community in a low-stakes way. In the end, most people left with a couple new treasures and we donated the rest to a local shelter.

My advice for a swap is: just do it. Start with a fairly established community – like a religious group, club, school, or neighborhood – then get the word out. It doesn’t have to be streamlined or perfect. There will be people who find a lot and people who leave empty-handed.

But as long as you set fair expectations and strive for some size and style variety, you will be fine. I left with a handful of things – including the hat and belt featured in this post.

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