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A Thing I Wore

I went to physical therapy a couple weeks ago and wore a version of this outfit. After my introductory appointment, I was able switch to tele-health, which is more convenient and a lot safer from a pandemic perspective, but it was delightful to be among people for that brief hour. I am really thankful that I’m able to continue a course of physical therapy treatment throughout the lockdown. I was worried that this sudden shift would make it impossible for me to prioritize ankle recovery, but it’s been totally manageable.

In other news, I brought out ALL my spring clothes this afternoon, which was quite the task considering I decided to try everything on in order to discern fit issues before squeezing them into my one and only closet. The bad news is that a lot of my skirts no longer fit. The good news is that I still have a lot of spring clothing, so “parting” with (meaning, storing, for now) a few items won’t hurt (plus, I’m not really wearing skirts and summer dresses at this point).

Finally, I just want to mention that this past week has brought the lowest lows so far, and I am struggling with some severe emotional shifts that occasionally manifest in embarrassing interactions with people on social media. A good and very long cry helped considerably, and also convinced me to be serious about creating new rhythms for myself. I am both grateful for the comparative peace I have felt in the past couple of days and slightly trepidatious about the possibility of frequent emotional breaks becoming the new normal.

I’m sharing here partially as an act of collective vulnerability, but also because I would like to chronicle this time in a way that feels honest, for my own benefit.

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  1. Alison Simpson
    April 16, 2020 / 2:49 am

    Thank you for sharing. I’m finding lockdown pretty terrible – hadn’t realised how much strength and joy I draw from physically being around my colleagues, friends, fellow choir members, churchgoers. Online contact, even via video, I find a poor substitute. Who knew? And I do have another family member at home, so it could be a lot worse. It’s so nice to see you smile into the camera, Leah – gives an extra glimpse of your beautiful soul. Do it more!! Love the jacket BTW.

    • Leah Wise
      April 16, 2020 / 12:22 pm

      Agreed on online contact being a poor substitute. I have always found things like skype anxiety inducing, but now it’s my only socialization tool! Yes, thankful for my husband and cat being around. By myself I don’t think I could manage at all. Thanks for the compliments!

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