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Sustainable Clothing Brands Directory + More

Use this list to discover sustainable clothing brands, plus ethical and slow fashion clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, household goods, and more.

sustainable clothing brands directory

What is sustainable fashion?

Below are my criteria for determining whether a brand meets my ethical qualifications. Brands included in this directory must meet at least 4 of the below criteria. Brands in my own slow fashion wardrobe must meet at least three.

  1. Fair Wages | Do they offer a living wage, higher-than-average wages, or transparent and improving wages? Are they fair trade certified?
  2. Sustainability | Do they offer products made with biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-polluting, and/or organic fibers and dye processes? Do they minimize pollution and factory waste? Are they committed to circularity (recycling & reusing products)?
  3. Commitment to Improvement | Have they shown a commitment to continue to improve their supply chain and business practices?
  4. Transparency | Are they willing to talk about their process and reveal the imperfect parts of their business? Have they released a list of their factories?
  5. Aesthetic & Quality | Are their pieces attractive and appropriate for my wardrobe? Do they offer textiles that are long lasting and made with natural fibers? Will the item still look nice after several washes?
  6. Size Inclusion | Do they offer items that fit a range of body types and sizes? Are they committed to expanding their range?
  7. Representation | Has the company made an effort to represent BIPOC, different body types, and LGBTQIA+ people? Have they publicly stated their stance on human rights issues? Are the above list of people represented among employees? (As a white, straight-passing person, I don’t think I should define what constitutes adequate concern for representation and equity, so I will only use this metric if it is a major component of the brand mission or if the company is owned by a person/people who are underrepresented.)
  8. Secondhand | Is it thrifted, swapped, or handed down? Is it upcycled from deadstock fabric or old inventory?

See more on my ethical fashion philosophy here.

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