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Review: Nourish Organic Night Cream + Recovery Serum

100% USDA Organic Skincare

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Nourish Organic asking me if I’d like to sample two of their products. I’m always on the hunt for organic, ethically sourced skincare that won’t irritate my skin, so I happily said yes. They sent me their Restorative Night Cream and Overnight Recovery Serum, valued at $25.00 each, to try. All Nourish Organic products are 100% organic, packaged in at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and cruelty free. Their factory uses renewable energy and their warehouse is underground to reduce utilities waste.

I’ve been using both products for about two weeks now and I’m happy to say there’s been minimal irritation and evident results…

The first thing I noticed about both products (besides their lovely package design) was their heavenly fragrance, comprised of essential oils and other organic fragrances. Since my skin is quite sensitive, I generally shy away from scented products, so it felt like a spa-like indulgence to breathe in the floral and citrus fragrance as I gently layered the serum and moisturizer on my face.

I can feel the potency of these products as soon as they’re applied, so I’ve done my best to adapt my routine to the path of least irritation.

Restorative Night Cream

The night cream is primarily comprised of aloe and shea butter, so the consistency is relatively thin while being quite moisturizing. Since using this product, I have seen a reduction in flaky skin and fine lines around my eyes. I don’t need to exfoliate as often throughout the week and I haven’t seen an increase in acne or irritation.

My Grade: A

Overnight Recovery Serum

The serum is a blend of safflower, argan, evening primrose, jasmine, sweet orange, avocado, and pomegranate seed oils. The fragrance is really lovely and the application is smooth (I generally use two pumps). I have to be careful with essential oils because their potency often irritates my skin, so I apply this over, rather than under, the moisturizer, because it feels like the small barrier of moisturizer reduces irritation, and I only use it every other day. Paired with the night cream, I have noticed a reduction in fine lines and flakiness. I apply a little more in areas that tend toward extra dryness. I have noticed minor irritation and have had some trouble keeping the serum from migrating to my eye area – it stings if it gets in my eyes. I also avoid using serum in the morning because the oil tends to smudge my mascara.

My Grade: B

Keep in mind that these are personal preferences based on my particularly sensitive skin. I am really impressed with the products overall and think they’re priced fairly competitively for their market.

The packaging: My samples were packaged in a cardboard box. The plastic containers were each packaged in small, cardboard display boxes. Nourish is committed to using at least 25% post-consumer recycled content in their packaging, though I can’t say which parts were recycled.

I’m thinking about trying the deodorant in Lavender Mint.


Shop Nourish Organic here. 

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Monday 15th of August 2016

I have been looking for a good night serum to help with fine lines and flaky skin. Can't wait to try this one out. Thank you for posting.

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