Thoughts & Links on Charlottesville From People Who Were There

The Wrong Story Is Being Reported, David Freeman

  • Your Whataboutism is Exposing Your Racism, Scary Mommy

  • Being in Charlottesville Broke My Heart, Katie Couric for National Geographic

  • A stark contrast inside and outside a Charlottesville church during the torch march, Washington Post

  • Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacists in Charlottesville, Think Progress

  • Charlottesville: The city and state failed, but we stood up, Philly Voice

  • Yes, What About the “Alt-Left”?, Slate

  • The outrageous editorial by a Charlottesville daily that preceded violence, Columbia Journalism Review

  • How Church Leaders in Charlottesville Prepared for White Supremacists, The New Yorker

  • From My Home to Yours: Charlottesville and White Supremacy, Extra News Feed

  • In Charlottesville, the Local Jewish Community Presses On, Reform Judaism

  • What I Saw in Charlottesville, Brian McLaren

  • But what if we stopped being afraid? from my friend, Nathan Walton

  • Charlottesville and the Effort to Downplay Racism in America, The New Yorker

  • Clergy Marching in Silent Protest Through Charlottesville (video), Sojourners

  • Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches encircles counter-protest group, The Guardian

  • How I Became Fake News, Politico

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