Ethical Halloween: Simple Costumes You Can Make With Ethical Clothing

It’s tempting, this time of year, to trek to the local Halloween store and buy a pre-made costume. I wouldn’t blame you if you did: it’s convenient and fun. 
The only problem is that Halloween costumes and their related accessories are some of the least ethical and sustainable things you can buy:
  1. Almost everything is plastic or polyester based, and therefore not biodegradable.
  2. Materials are low quality, which means they won’t last over several seasons.
  3. One word: sweatshops.
  4. Costumes are heavily trend driven, so chances are you won’t even want to wear your costume again.
  5. The costume industry is chock full of cultural appropriation and general bigotry. My local store is currently carrying a “Mexican” outfit, numerous “Indian Chief” costumes, and a child’s Robert E. Lee costume. 
Basically, it’s best to stay as far away as possible from commercialized, “fast fashion” Halloween and do it yourself. Here are my recommendations for some costumes you can put together yourself using versatile, ethical clothing.


Elegantees Dress | Fair Indigo Leggings | Ears via Etsy

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Elegantees Tunic | Boody Wear Leggings | Beanie via Etsy

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Symbology Dress | EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter | Wings via Etsy

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