My 7 Favorite Places to Shop for Vintage Clothing Online

places to shop for vintage clothing online
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Vintage Clothing Online

I discovered vintage clothing in college, right around the time I realized that thrift stores existed. My roommate Mary and I had a lot of fun playing with vintage fashion, from wide leg rayon jumpsuits to short and sweet 90s dresses. I didn’t have a lot of disposable income (fun fact: I intentionally ate soup mixed with Minute Rice in college so I could save up to buy clothes), but I could easily find one-of-a-kind pieces at local thrift and vintage stores, and that’s all I needed to express myself creatively.

I sold vintage for several years, but it was turning me into a hoarder. I let that dream go a couple years ago with no regrets, but I still love to add a little bit of vintage to my wardrobe, and I’m trying to do that more this year. It’s just more fun!

My top pick for vintage shopping is scouring local thrift shops, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking to add a bit of sustainable, eco-friendly fun to your wardrobe, look no further than the vintage shops and marketplaces below.


1. Smockwalker Vintage

Reasonably priced, lots of selection, and the owner has a great sense of humor.
Best for: women who like casual pieces they can mix in with their contemporary pieces.
See my review here.


2. The Kissing Tree Vintage

Excellent condition, some rare items, and tons of selection.
Best for: true vintage lovers who are looking for something specific.
See my review here.


3. Neo-Thread

Reworked vintage pieces with a great eye for modern trends.
Best for: women who want a one-of-a-kind piece with a bit of attitude.
See my review here.


4. Moth Oddities

Specializing in vintage from the 70s through the 90s.
Best for: women who are prepared to pay full market value for groovy stuff.




A huge online consignment store that allows you to search by style, brand, and size.
Best for: bargain hunters.
See my review here.

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6. Ebay

A major resale site that carries vintage alongside lots of other items.
Best for: specific item searches and those seeking a good deal.


7. Etsy

A marketplace specializing in handmade and vintage.
Best for: specific items searches and people who like the thrill of the hunt.


Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

Leah Wise

Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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