EarthHero: The One Stop Shop for Ethical Fashion, Eco Goods, & Zero Waste Living

EarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods

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I’m not typically someone who gushes. I get excited about new things, sure, but that initial sparkle-eyed joy is tempered by a fair bit of skepticism. 

I’ve reviewed a few companies over the years who hoped to become one-stop-shops for ethical consumers, but many of them either never scaled or shuttered their doors too early to tell. This always makes me sad, because we really *need* one-stop-shops, both for ease of use and for better cost and resource efficiency. If I have to buy my skin oil, sunscreen, kitchen storage, shoes, clothing, and makeup in five or six different places, I end up wasting time, money, and packaging that could have been used for something more world changing. I mean, this is why giant online marketplaces thrive – they offer a service that goes beyond deal-hunting.

For the past several months, I’ve been shopping from a new ethical marketplace that hopes to change the game for ethical shoppers: EarthHero.

With items ranging from clothing to zero waste goods to skincare, I’m able to place one order and get the bulk of things I need in one go.

EarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods stylewise-blog.comEarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods

About EarthHero’s Ethical Criteria

Whenever I’m on websites that offer a mix of ethically produced and conventional products, I end up really frustrated because I can’t just read one set of standards and get on with my life.

It turns shopping into a research project, and I believe that’s a major barrier to getting more people on board with ethical consumerism.

What I like about EarthHero is that every single product has to meet their minimum criteria for ethics and environmental stewardship…

EarthHero ethical and zero waste one stop shop

Additionally, EarthHero places simple logos on each listing that indicate which criteria each product meets. To me, this is really the best way to curate a store. No product or process is perfect, but aiming to gather in several ethical criteria under one umbrella ensures holistic progress. 

You can learn more about that here.

EarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods

Clothing + Accessories

While EarthHero is still working on building out its clothing and accessories categories, they’re already well stocked in staples. I had been hoping to finally get a pair of casual sneakers, but am becoming increasingly wary of buying leather – even “ethically sourced” leather (more on that later) – so I was pleased to see that EarthHero offered a few options, all under $100. These Saola shoes have skater vibes, but are still streamlined. They have a cork footbed and are made with renewable and recycled fibers. I’m planning to wear them with denim and dresses this season. I think they’ll even be good for hikes. (Unfortunately, these sold out right before posting, but EarthHero will have other Saola sneakers in stock in mid-August.) They also carry Indosole espadrilles made with recycled tires. I actually own these, too, and they performed surprisingly well during my trip to NYC.

The Satva Pav Mesh Tee I’m wearing is also from EarthHero. Made with organic cotton and low impact dyes, the sides have breathable mesh inserts that make this black tee surprisingly suitable for hot weather. I like the wide neckline and curved hem – they make the piece feel special, and suitable to pair with loose denim or something a bit fancier.

In addition to women’s items, EarthHero carries men’s clothing and accessories, underwear, activewear, and more. See the Clothing + Accessories selection here.

EarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods

Beauty + Care

EarthHero’s personal care section is my new favorite place to shop. I have very sensitive skin and a desire for simplicity when it comes to ingredients, so I deeply appreciate a marketplace that does the curation for me. I’ve tried the

Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil, SW Basics Serum, and Desert Essence Bulgarian Lavender Lotion and haven’t had any allergic reactions. Plus, the products are actually effective (I feel like I’m gushing here, but it’s really true). I’ve been dealing with ongoing rashes and skin issues this summer, so it’s been refreshing to try products that don’t create more problems.

In addition to the products I mentioned, EarthHero carries coral-safe sunscreen, oral care, deodorant, and shaving products.

See the Beauty + Care selection here.

EarthHero one stop shop for ethical and zero waste goods

Home + Zero Waste Living

Last but not least, the oddballs in the bunch. Daniel and I rent an apartment that was built in the late ’60s, so our kitchen(ette) has those great mid-century oak cabinets and a wood backsplash. They really needed a good refinish and EarthHero’s Bambu Finishing Oil did the trick, especially on the water damaged sections. The oil evened out the tone and created a subtle glossy finish without releasing a strong odor or toxic fumes. See other Home Cleaning products here.

I also finally buckled down and selected some Beeswax Wrap to cover leftovers. I was wary of Bee’s Wrap initially because I know that the beeswax eventually breaks down and makes the cloth unusable, but after talking with some of my zero waste blogger friends, I learned that you can always refinish them a couple years down the road. Bee’s Wrap works really well as a plastic wrap alternative and the subtly sweet smell of beeswax doesn’t hurt, either. EarthHero offers vegan wrap, as well.

See other Zero Waste Living products here.

Final Thoughts

Because of EarthHero’s ambitious goals and comprehensive selection, some items go out of stock pretty quickly and some categories, like Clothing, are still under capacity. That’s to be expected at this stage. Overall, I have been really impressed with the selection, site navigation, and prices of items – not to mention the clear ethical standards – and would recommend EarthHero to anyone who’s grown tired of having to shop in ten different places for the things they need. Especially if you’re, like me, just building up your zero waste essentials while also needing bits and bobs from other categories. 

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