The 2 All Natural Skincare Products I Recommend to Everyone I Know

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I think I first heard about SW Basics from an ethical blogger, but I can’t remember which one.

The concept is simple, like its name implies: uncomplicated, sustainable, minimal formulas. At first I turned up my nose at the idea of buying luxury skincare made of grocery store standbys like olive oil and coconut oil. I think in my head I figured I would somehow get around to experimenting with my own concoctions to save money.

But now that I’ve been using two products, one for the last year and the other for a couple months, I’m hooked. I purchased the cream out of pocket, but received the serum as a part of my EarthHero collaboration.

SW Basics Cream

This cream is intended for face, but I use it on trouble spots like rashes and dry patches. I had an allergic reaction to my (all natural, aluminum free, baking soda free) deodorant this summer and needed something that could soothe my painful, itchy underarms. I had this cream lying around in my nightstand drawer and started applying it before bed and within a few weeks, the rash was gone. Recently, I had a dry patch on my elbow that needed attention. The cream healed it in about a week.

I also like to apply this to my tattoo for extra moisture, which makes it appear more vibrant.

I’ve read amazon reviews for this product, and it looks like a lot of dermatologists recommend it for eczema, as well.

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SW Basics Oil Serum

I don’t use serums the “right way.” Rather than using it as my sole moisturizer, I normally add 3-4 drops to a basic lotion like Cetaphil before applying it to my face at night.

I had been using Desert Essence products until recently, but the SW Basics serum is much gentler on my skin. It’s made with Avocado, Geranium, Turmeric and Coffee Oils and smells a bit like celery, which I’m kind of into. I have found that in addition to healing dry spots on my face, it also makes my skin look a little more glowy when I wake up. I’ve switched back and forth between my old serum and this one a couple times just to make sure I wasn’t making it up.

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I am not a big spender when it comes to beauty and skincare products, but when something really works for my sensitive skin, I hold onto it. So I’ll be repurchasing these products as long as they make them.

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