A Surprising Cold Sore Remedy: Akamai Multi-Use Products Review

Akamai sent me products for review & this post contains affiliate links. 

Let me start off this review by saying that I don’t like multi-use products as a rule. I find that in almost all cases, they serve one purpose really well and disappoint in other categories, so my normal beauty/personal care routine contains distinct products for distinct uses (with the exception of my SW Basics Cream, which I use for lots of things).

So when Akamai reached out offering products for review, I planned to find the best use for each item rather than make it work in all the ways described on their site. EcoCult and Temporary-House Wifey reviewed their lineup about a year ago with mixed feelings, but I wanted to test the products myself and see what I could discover.

Akamai’s Philosophy

Akamai’s overarching philosophy is what I would describe as effective simplicity. As their multi-use premise would suggest, they’re interested in making personal care easier, reducing overall steps and products required, and ensuring that products are healthy and nourishing.

The majority of Akamai’s products contain minerals in an effort to support the body’s microbiome, which is vital for total body health,  and several contain fulvic acid. I actually had no idea what fulvic acid was before using these products, but it turns out it is used to treat some serious medical conditions, like cancer and Alzheimer’s, and chronic condition like fatigue. According to WebMD:

Fulvic acid might have various effects in the body. Fulvic acid might block reactions in the body that cause allergy symptoms. It might also interrupt steps involved in the worsening of brain disorders such as dementia. Additionally, fulvic acid might reduce inflammation and prevent or slow the growth of cancer. Fulvic acid seems to have immune-stimulating and antioxidant effects. 

Note that pregnant and nursing women and people with auto-immune disorders should be cautious, especially when ingesting fulvic acid.

My Review 

The rundown of what I received:

The Toothpaste

I didn’t like this toothpaste as toothpaste because it tastes weird and leaves a gray stain on your toothbrush and in your sink. 
BUT, it’s an effective cold sore remedy. Due to some major stress I’ve been experiencing recently, my immune system was suppressed enough to bring on a cold sore, which I haven’t had since high school. I hadn’t had luck reducing the soreness or cracking and then the Akamai brand rep randomly suggested that this toothpaste could be used as a salve on cold sores. Within two days, I saw significant improvement in the sore, and my lip has finally started to heal after two weeks of no improvement.
Best use: Cold Sore Remedy

The 3 in 1 Bar

I haven’t had much luck with shampoo bars because the oils weigh down my super fine hair, but this is a decent shave bar and soap, though I will say it’s super creamy, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 
Best use: Shave bar or travel product

The Skin Fuel

I didn’t notice an improvement to my skin when using this product, but it’s decent as far as serums go. Perhaps with more use, I’ll notice a change to my skin. And if this was your first foray into skin oils, I think you’d see a benefit. 
Best use: Facial Serum

The Mineral Complex

I have not yet used this product because I want to make sure it won’t cause adverse effects in my system. Though I don’t have IBS or other diagnosed digestive issues, I have always had a sensitive stomach, especially when dealing with high anxiety (as I have this month, no thanks to the news). I may play around with it once my immune system finishes fighting the cold sore and spider bite.
These products would be best for…
I think Akamai products would be best suited for low maintenance men (not to be too gender essentialist, but there’s definitely a difference in how men and women are socialized to use skincare products), people who are just building up a personal care arsenal, or those whose alternative to this would be no personal care at all. These are quality products and I’m intrigued by the mineral complex, but they aren’t tailored for specific skin or hair types, which limits their efficacy a bit. 
Let me know if you have any questions!

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