Golden Henley with Tradlands

Golden Henley with Tradlands

I’ve been taking advantage of the free form nature of these wardrobe posts to write little essays, but today it’s all about the outfit.

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I feel very fashun in this, which is funny in a way because I’m wearing a henley and jeans. But look at how nice this henley is! The color, the fit, the way the menswear element offsets the femininity of the clogs.

It’s from Tradlands, a company I’ve heard about over and over again because they’re much loved in the ethical fashion community on Instagram. But I thought it was all hype until this piece arrived. The good news is that it’s absolutely a beautiful, functional piece. It does, however, hit at a higher price point than you average tee, at $79.

Tradlands focuses on ethical menswear-inspired pieces sized for women’s bodies, something I have been looking for ever since I found a Grandfather shirt (←the history is really interesting) at the thrift shop that I wear constantly as loungewear.

Too often, the pieces available in this niche settle for either low quality fabrics or nonexistent tailoring. Which makes things more affordable but less, well, sustainable. So I’m happy to have had the chance to sample a garment. Because now I know I can justify the price point when I need things in the future.

The accessories in this outfit are also incredibly fun: No. 6 clogs and incredibly large earrings that I bought with consignment credit at Darling Boutique and a finely woven fique (a natural fiber native to the Andean regions of South America) bag from ethical boutique, Accompany, that expands to hold all my stuff (but is particularly good for books).

Fashion can be thoughtful, sustainable, and fun. This outfit was a good reminder of that.

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Leah Wise

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