Winter Wellness: 8 Conscious Goods & Activities For Mental and Physical Health

8 ethical goods for winter wellness and self care

Sponsored. I selected & purchased products for this post with a combination of store credit and cold, hard cash.

Willkommen to my brand new monthly series, Monthly Favorites.

Each month I choose a theme and select products and activities that align with it. I am really excited about this format because, 1. flatlays are fun, 2. it provides a sense of order to my recommendations, and 3. it’s a way to feature brands and products I like in a more manageable format.

January’s theme is Winter Wellness. As you may remember, I have seasonal affective disorder and a circulation condition that makes my feet and hands particularly vulnerable to frostbite, so this very cold month of the year is difficult for me. I like to be very intentional about my mental and physical self-care habits to make things more manageable.

Here are the routines, products, and activities that help me find balance…

My 8 Ethical Winter Wellness Picks

8 ethical goods for winter wellness and self care stylewise-blog.com8 ethical goods for winter wellness and self care

1 | Godai Soaps Sky and Earth Multi-Use Bars

Using minimal, non-irritating ingredients and RSPO-certified palm oil, these soaps are intended to be used for face, hair, and body. I use them mostly as a body soap, but it’s nice to know that in a pinch, I could pack just one item in my toiletry bag instead of three.


2 | SW Basics Oil Serum

I’ve rhapsodized about this product a few times, but it’s my very favorite facial oil. I add a few drops to my sensitive skin lotion at night for extra moisture.


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3 | Ten Thousand Villages Guiding Star Earrings

A mental health indulgence more than anything, I like the message behind these earrings. I’m in a period of transition in terms of planning for my future and it’s been important to remember that I can trust my instincts, and succeed if I’m willing to put in the work.


4 | Desert Essence Lavender Body Lotion

I used to love Thistle Farms’ Lavender lotion, but when they changed the formulation, I was left without a nice, thick body lotion option for winter. Desert Essence was the perfect replacement. I slather it on my hands and feet before going to bed.


(10% off with code, STYLEWISE2019)

8 ethical goods for winter wellness and self care

5 | Any book by Carl Hiaasen

I discovered Hiaasen novels at a bookstore last winter and have been hooked ever since. Full of absurdity and dark humor, his books are often on themes of human failing and ecological devastation in Florida. But somehow you always feel hopeful afterwards! A rare educational combination.


6 | Weaving Kit

I made this tiny weaving using a kit from Uncommon Goods (no longer available) awhile ago, but I wanted to recommend DIY kits again because I think they’re a great way to find a meditative moment. This took me a looong time, but I did it while watching The Office, so it was fun!


7 | Tablet Stylus

I had been wanting to get back into drawing and this seemed like an easy way to do it. I bought a pen that’s compatible with my second generation iPad, so it’s not state of the art. Still, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it (pro tip: to avoid “smearing” your iPad app from contact with your hand, wear fingerless gloves on your drawing hand).


8 | A Nostalgic Scarf

I threw this in here because it was given to me by a friend who moved to Australia a couple days ago. I already miss her and her family a lot, and I cherish this little piece of our friendship.



8 ethical goods for winter wellness and self care

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