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StyleWise is 6 Years Old! | 6 Questions

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Can you believe it?

StyleWise turns 6 years old TODAY. 

And rather than spend a lot of time reflecting – because, honestly, I’ve done a bit too much of that lately – I want to open up the floor to you with…

Six Questions for Readers

1 | When did you first learn about exploitation in the fashion industry? How has it changed you?

My Answer:

About 6.5 years ago, which is why I started this blog!

2 | What are your favorite resources (podcasts, books, influencers, blogs, etc.) for discovering industry news, ethical fashion brands, and other ethical explorations?

My Answer:

I follow a lot of EWC members who share links on our forums, but I like Alden at EcoCult for her investigative work.

3 | What brands and styles are you currently into? What product is on your wishlist (ethical or not)?

My Answer:

I have been really into Camper’s funky shoes and over the top statement earrings, but nothing’s on my wishlist right now.

4 | What TV shows are you currently into?

My Answer:

Daniel and I are rewatching Friends. And I must admit that I’m sort of into the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix (though it’s making me anxious to clean everything).

 5 | How do you take your coffee?

My Answer:

I like it with steamed oat milk. I’ve also been making “hot toddies” with ginger tea, honey, and bourbon whenever my sinuses or throat need some TLC.

6 | Where do you live? Where would you ideally like to live?

My Answer:

Charlottesville, Virginia. Long term, I think I’d like to live closer to family, so maybe in Florida? But I do love this part of the country.

To longtime readers and newbies alike: Thanks for following along! StyleWise has been and continues to be an interesting journey and I keep doing it because of people like you. 

Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.