February Fashion | 5 Ethical Closet Staples I’ve Been Living In

favorite fashion staples ethical and secondhand stylewise-blog.com

Another installment of Monthly Favorites. This post contains affiliate links.

It’s lucky I remembered that today is the last day of February, because otherwise my attempt at starting a series I can actually keep up with would have already failed!

Welcome to the second installment of Monthly Favorites. This month I decided to focus on closet staples that have been serving me well throughout the course of February. These items are things I’ve worn 2+ times per week over the past four weeks, and which tend to add a bit of polish and fun to my winter wardrobe basics.

I also included another book, just because I think it’s fun to recommend books. I haven’t actually cracked open Raising Your Emotional Intelligence yet, but I feel very much in need of, well, raising my emotional intelligence after an interpersonally challenging month.

5 Closet Staples I’ve Been Living In

favorite fashion staples ethical and secondhand stylewise-blog.com

1 | Vintage Carraig Donn Cardigan

I spotted a cardigan just like this in the NOVICA catalog in December, but I wasn’t prepared to fork over $150 for it. Out of curiosity, I hunted around on ebay until I discovered an item listed under this brand name. A quick keyword search later, I had landed on the exact style and color of cardigan I wanted for under 30 bucks. If you’re on the hunt for a heavyweight wool cardigan, I definitely recommend vintage Carraig Donn. I sized up to a Medium and find that it’s a great fit for me, though the older style means it’s cropped more than a lot of contemporary cardigans.


2 | ABLE Marina Earrings

Lightweight with a pop of bright red, these liven up my winter neutrals, and were made ethically in Nashville.


3 | Modern Vice Jett Boots

Sure to get compliments from virtually everyone, these boots are the coveted “birthday boots” I saved up for and finally received in November. The fit is great despite the pointed toe box and the quality is impeccable. They were handmade in New York.


4 | ABLE Isabel Slouchy Moto Jeans

A welcome change from high waist jeans that tend to sit uncomfortably on my stomach when I’m seated, ABLE’s slouchy denim has a low to mid-rise in front but a higher back rise, which is perfect for a “pear shaped” person like me.


5 | NICORA RBG Dress Sneakers

I’m really sad to see sustainable vegan shoe brand, NICORA, close up shop, but luckily these wonderful, vintage-inspired color block shoes are still available on final clearance. I find the upper textile super comfortable, and the toe box is wide enough to accommodate thicker wool socks on cold days.


favorite fashion staples ethical and secondhand stylewise-blog.com

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