A Ruffled Collar and Puffed Sleeves

Ruffled Collar Puffed Sleeves - Leah is wearing a navy ruffled blouse, blue jeans, and leather loafers

A Festive Outfit

This outfit is misleading. The big, ruffled collar and puffed sleeves feel very celebratory. But today has been an obnoxious and disappointing one.

Last week, Daniel, his mom (who is moving in with us), and I went to Houston to look for rental properties. And we found an adorable mid-century house in a tree-filled neighborhood close to my job. We put in an application, but today we found out that they went with someone else.

There was another property nearby that we liked, so we were considering applying for that one. But two hours later, that one went off the market, too.

Then, the person who was thinking about subletting our New Haven apartment backed out.

So, we’re back to square one, with everything.

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It’s already stressful to not know where we’re supposed to be living in less than a month. Add to that all the logistics of planning for a major move and it’s just exhausting. I’ve been sorting through cabinets, driving to the thrift store, and hauling moving boxes up three flights of stairs.

On the plus side, the weather in New Haven has been absolutely perfect the last few days. I’m currently sitting on my couch with the windows open, feeling the mild breeze and listening to the wind rustle the new, spring leaves.

Big Collar Puffed Sleeves - Leah is wearing a navy ruffled blouse, blue jeans, and leather loafers
Big Collar Puffed Sleeves - Leah is wearing a navy ruffled blouse, blue jeans, and leather loafers

Once we can sign a lease, I’ll feel so much better.

But, I’ve still got to focus on the endings and adventures ahead of me this month. I graduate from divinity school this coming Monday. Then, the following Monday, I’m headed off to England with the senior class!

The next month and a half may be full of chaos. But, I woke up this morning to cool air and a cat cuddled up against me. And I felt incredibly grateful for the beauty that pervades uncertainty, sorrow, and fatigue.

Because it needs to be said, the white supremacist and racially-targeted violence that occurred this weekend is nothing less than demonic and cannot be tolerated. Replacement theory is against the Gospel. All people deserve to be safe as they go about their lives.

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  1. Welcome to England! 🤗 Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip

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