A Thrifted Pink Blazer

A Thrifted Pink Blazer

A Thrifted Pink Blazer

I picked up this peachy-pink blazer at Savers for $6.00. It feels like a linen blend, with just the right amount of drape. And it has slightly dramatic shoulder pads that give it vintage vibes without making me feel like I’m wearing a costume.

When I purchased it, there was only one problem: the lining was sagging pretty badly, especially in the back. At first I thought I would take it to a tailor. But then on a whim one night, I decided to take it up myself, at least as a temporary fix. It’s not perfect, but it’s workable for now.

I paired it with shades of coral and peach for a monochrome look…

A Thrifted Pink Blazer - pink sustainable outfit
A Thrifted Pink Blazer
A Thrifted Pink Blazer - red hair with pink blazer
Wearing: Blazer – thrifted (similar); Jeans; Platform sandals; Slide sandals; Top (on sale)

Life Lately

I’ve been a little behind on blogging for the past few weeks because I’ve been traveling. Daniel and I (and the cats) are in Virginia so that I can complete an 8-week church internship. We traveled down from Connecticut a couple weeks ago just in time to carpool down to Florida with my in-laws. My five-month old niece, Aniyah, was baptized last week and we didn’t want to miss it.

It was lovely to see extended family, meet Aniyah for the first time, and be tourists in Florida for a bit. We made sure to get to Tarpon Springs, one of our favorite towns, known for delicious Greek food and sea sponges.

Going back to Florida is always bittersweet. Though we both grew up there, it can feel at times like an over-commercialized wild west. We’re not sure we can picture ourselves ever moving back, which is a hard thing to think about since many family members still live there (including my parents and sister).

It’s also weird to be back in Charlottesville, which has really been the home of our adult lives. We’ve been trying to visit all of our favorite restaurants and wineries before my internship begins next week. It has been wonderful to see friends (and their babies – so many babies!) But it comes with its own discomforts, nostalgia, and questions.

After a year of socially distancing, I am still trying to unfold myself from the fetal position. I am still working through social anxieties, fear, and general awkwardness. But I am also grateful for love and relationships, perhaps more grateful than ever before.

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