Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review

Is Saie Worth the Hype - flat lay - Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review

Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review

I’ve been curious about clean beauty brand, Saie, for at least the past year. But the intense hype made me skeptical. Influencers everywhere were singing its praises, and as much as I respect the talent of influencers, it just didn’t seem real. In this unsponsored review, I’m asking: “Does Saie live up to the hype?”

Or is it just another overhyped Instagram beauty brand?

I finally decided to just try it. I was looking for a new foundation anyway. And with the dry months of winter coming, a dewy tinted moisturizer and cream blush seemed like a good idea.

I purchased Saie’s greatest hits from Sephora, because I already had an account and Sephora always offers good samples. They’re offering members-only deals through November 15 and Saie is included in the discount. Check out the site for more info.

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What I bought:

Throughout the post, I’ll include several unedited photos to help you get a sense of coverage and finish.

Slip Tint Product Details

“A tinted moisturizer that offers skin-loving hydration, sheer, dewy coverage in confusion-free shades, and 100 percent mineral UV protection.”

Slip Tint offers 14 shades and comes in a 1.3 oz tube that retails for $32.00. Reviewers say they love it for its hydration and true, dewy finish.

I was drawn to it for it for my sensitive skin because it contains only mineral sunscreen (I’m allergic to chemical sunscreen) and is fragrance free. I have dry to normal skin – keep that in mind as I share my thoughts.

Is Saie Worth the Hype
Slip Tint and Sun Melt in natural light right after application
Slip Tint and Sun Melt in natural light 30 minutes after application

Cons of Slip Tint

I’m starting with the cons because so many Instagram features and YouTube reviews play up the pros very heavily.

If you read through reviews on retail sites, however, you’ll see a few recurring negatives. In my opinion, both of these issues stem from the fact that Saie uses mineral sunscreen (15% Zinc Oxide).

“It’s so greasy”

Reviewers complain that Saie sits on the skin rather than absorbing. Some say it doesn’t play nicely with other moisturizers, causing Slip Tint to pill.

I tend to agree with the first point. It’s not like a luxurious oil that melts into skin. The mineral sunscreen creates a physical barrier, which can feel heavy and a bit greasy. But if you need to use a mineral sunscreen, this really can’t be helped.

Update 8/22: Having recently moved to hot and humid Texas, I can no longer comfortably use Slip Tint in summer weather. It just feels too heavy on my skin. It’s definitely best for dryer, cooler climates.

I haven’t had any pilling issues when layered over Cetaphil. It’s probably best to use a simple moisturizing base without too many skincare additives.

“It’s smelly”

Complaints about smell are vague, so there’s a chance some customers simply got a bad batch. I don’t notice a significant smell at all…except for the smell of mineral sunscreen.

My Personal Con: It’s hard to wash off

Again, this is a problem with mineral sunscreen (which, until now, I’ve used only when I’m spending a lot of time outside). I had to change my evening skincare routine because my regular Cetaphil Wash wasn’t adequately removing this product.

How to Wash Slip Tint (and Mineral Sunscreen) off of Your Face

Mineral sunscreen is stubborn and doesn’t respond well to water-based cleansers. If you don’t adequately wash Slip Tint off each night, the product will build up and potentially cause irritation.

Instead, dampen hands, then apply an oil or gel cleanser to dry skin. Rub in circular motions, paying attention to the crevices around your nose and other hard-to-clean areas.

Rinse off with warm water, then gently exfoliate skin with a clean, dry wash cloth. Continue skincare routine as normal.

My bare face
Is Saie Worth the Hype - Slip Tint review - Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review
After blending one pump of Slip Tint in with the Big Brush

Pros of Slip Tint

Despite some annoying cons, most of the pros espoused by influencers hold up. Here are my personal pros:

Extremely Easy to Apply

I put one pump of Slip Tint on the back of my hand, then use the Big Brush to dot it evenly on my face. I buff everything in with the Big Brush. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Good Coverage

I think the before and after here is pretty impressive. With one small pump, I can achieve much more even skin. And the color match is really good, too.


Despite the annoyances of mineral sunscreen, Slip Tint causes no allergic reaction or irritation.


People keep complimenting me on my skin. One friend told me I’ve been looking glowy lately.

While I do apply a thin layer of finishing powder to take down some of the dewy finish, there’s no question that this gives an of-the-moment “glass skin” finish.


Is Saie Worth the Hype - Sun Melt review - Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review
Is Saie Worth the Hype -Unsponsored Saie Slip Tint Review

Sun Melt Product Details + Review

I went ahead and purchased the Sun Melt bronzer in Light, too. “A lightweight, creamy balm bronzer with a natural velvet finish that melts into skin for an easy, sun-kissed glow.”

After buffing in the Slip Tint, I use the same Big Brush to apply Sun Melt to my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. It blends really well and feels nourishing on the skin.


Big Brush Review

I should say here that the Big Brush is amazing and makes this whole routine feel luxurious and effortless.

If you buy nothing else, buy the Big Brush.

So, Is Saie Worth the Hype?

Slip Tint: Yes, if you don’t mind the feel of mineral sunscreen and like a dewy finish. If you want matte coverage or hate the feel of mineral sunscreen, go with something else.

Sun Melt: Always yes. Buy your recommended color.

Big Brush: Yes! A game changer for effortless application.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

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