My Christmas List 2020

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My Christmas List 2020

While I shared my annual Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide last month, I never shared the specific items that I’m looking out for.

My family aren’t big gift-givers in general, so I often receive gift cards and small treats instead of specific presents. I like to save a little money, and then spend a little money on special things I wouldn’t necessarily buy throughout the year: things I can’t justify during a “normal” season, but that would nevertheless improve my life.

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Here’s what’s on my list this year…

my Christmas list 2020
my Christmas list 2020

Tonle x Plant Kween Clothing

This gender-expansive clothing line, designed by Plant Kween for Tonle, is full of vibrant, versatile pieces that are comfortable enough for home, but deserve to see the light of day. Tonle is an ethical, zero waste clothing company that uses deadstock and overstock fabric from the garment industry to make new pieces. I particularly like the Sabra Sweatpants and the Torey Tunic.


my Christmas list 2020 after whiteness

After Whiteness: An Education in Belonging by Willie Jennings

Written by a professor at Yale Divinity School who served as a professor and academic dean at Duke Divinity for decades, After Whiteness explores the way academic institutions – and maybe particularly theological schools – work to form students and faculty in the image of the white European male. In this framing, formation becomes about mastery and control rather than community. I confess that I already purchased (and read most of) this book, and it has helped me discern the undercurrent of fear, power, and racism inherent to my experience. What’s more, it is helping me think about what needs to happen for things to change for the better.


Fossil Mini Backpack

For the past nine months, I’ve been using a secondhand Patagonia children’s backpack in place of a handbag (it has a child’s name scrawled in it, in fact). While it’s perfectly serviceable, I decided I wanted something a little more grown-up without losing the sense of fun. I found a Fossil mini backpack that has multi-color leather applique (similar to this one) and can be converted into a crossbody.


John of the Cross Icon

John was a Spanish monk and mystic who lived during the sixteenth century. Captured by a rival religious order, he was tortured and imprisoned, eventually dying of health complications at the age of 49. During his life, he wrote extensively on the nature of suffering and the mystical way in which God transformed his inner life. His theology is better practiced than verbalized, but it got me through a deep spiritual valley experienced earlier this year.


And a few items from recent collaborations I recommend: Quince Cashmere Sweater, Rellery Pinky Promise Ring

What’s on your list?

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