My Favorite Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

4 women stand together in linen dresses from Son de Flor - Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

Whether you live in mild New England or the steamy South, the hot days of summer are well on their way.

Having just moved to Texas, I am getting re-accustomed to sweating through my clothes by midday. I’m finding myself in need of items that are airy and keep me as cool as possible. But I also need things that look professional.

Add to that a preference for natural fibers that are easy to care for, and the choices narrow. While I love cotton most of the year, linen is the natural choice for hot summers. I’ve even joked that someday I’ll make a linen vestments collection for my job as a deacon and priest.

Why Linen?

Linen is a natural choice for clothing because it is more moisture-wicking than cotton and holds less odor than performance fabrics made of polyester and nylon. Its fibers are strong, too, which means it holds up well to repeated washings.

While linen still isn’t as popular to produce as its cotton cousin, it typically requires less water and pesticides.

Especially when you purchase linen clothing from small makers and fair trade brands, you can know that it was the more eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

Below, I’m sharing my favorite sustainable linen clothing brands. These brands are almost all women-owned. And all operate with a more traceable supply chain and factory transparency.

My Favorite Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

This post was sponsored by Son de Flor and contains affiliate links. Brand choices and editorial direction are my own.

a woman stands on a porch wearing a white linen dress - Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

1 | Son de Flor

Son de Flor linen garments are made by a small, women-led team in Lithuania. The brand makes linen dresses, skirts, and other items with sweet and delicate details.

Son de Flor’s garments are impeccably tailored, and toe the line between minimalism and femininity. I particularly love the way their circle skirts and a-line dresses hearken to vintage silhouettes.

Fabrics are OEKO-Tex 100 certified and clothing is produced in monitored factories with fair pay.


a woman with black hair wears a natural linen jumpsuit and jacket from People Tree - Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

2 | People Tree

One of the first established fair trade clothing brands, People Tree is known for their timeless-yet-trendy clothing.

This season, People Tree is offering a curated collection of 100% organic linen jumpsuits, dresses, and separates. All pieces are made in a fair trade certified factory.


a woman with brown hair wears a sunny yellow gingham linen dress from Linenfox - Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

3 | Linenfox

With decidedly modern silhouettes, Linenfox makes pants, blouses, dresses, and more. I particularly love their gingham pants and dresses.

Linenfox items are made to order and they can offer free customizations, which reduces textile waste. Linen is OEKO-TEX certified and items are produced by a small team of 16 people.


4 | Laude the Label

A fair trade brand with a mission to employ women artisans, Laude the Label makes beautiful garments with natural fibers and ethical production.

Their Everyday Crop set in natural linen is a fan favorite, and can be worn together or separately.


5 | Magic Linen

Magic Linen’s garments have an easy, lived-in feel. Their blouses and dresses would work well in a more casual office environment, and other items would be perfect for a summer getaway.

Made in Lithuania with 100% European flax, Magic Linen also carries linen accessories like bucket hats.


6 | Quince

Quince produces in audited factories with 100% European, OEKO-TEX certified linen.

Their linen products are very popular, particularly their button-downs and comfy linen shorts. Quince’s price points are also a bit lower, making them more accessible.


7 | Everlane

While less transparent than the above brands, Everlane’s linen is a longtime favorite for many. Items are produced in audited factories.

This season, they have released even more linen options in fun colors and styles. Their linen trousers are particularly versatile, and can go from work to dinner to vacation.


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  1. Ugh, just last month I ordered some linen clothes that ended up being not that well made. I wish I had waited a couple of weeks! Bookmarking this. Thanks!

    1. That’s frustrating! Linen can be iffy if it’s from mass market producers because they often make it a bit too thin.

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