Sustainable & Ethical Brands to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

sustainable brands nordstrom anniversary sale
This post contains affiliate links. Originally published in 2018.

Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to all customers on August 19th. Scroll further down for a Master List of sustainable and ethical brands carried at Nordstrom.

As far as conventional retailers are concerned, Nordstrom has a surprisingly large selection of ethical and sustainable brands.

Nordstrom has become a top retailer, weathering the storms of e-commerce far better than most department stores due to a combination of forward-thinking online strategy and unique partnerships with brands that typically don’t sell in multi-brand stores (think Madewell). They also offer a superb return policy and numerous perks – and I hear their credit card is a good one if you shop a lot at Nordstrom.

Any ethically-minded person who has been seeking out sustainable goods for long enough understands how frustrating it can be to purchase from an individual ethical brand, pay for shipping, and receive your delivery only to find that the item simply doesn’t work for you.

One perk of a place like Nordstrom is that you can buy from multiple brands at a time, reduce your shipping – not to mention fossil fuel and carbon environmental – costs, and more easily return what doesn’t work. It may not be as helpful to the individual brand to buy this way, but it’s an excellent way to find what works for you.

That’s why I would recommend using a site like Nordstrom for at least some of your ethical purchasing, particularly during the Anniversary Sale. In this post, I’m sharing:

  • A selection of more sustainable products offered at this year’s sale
  • A sampling of items offered through Nordstrom’s year-round “Sustainable Style” section
  • A long list of sustainable and ethical brands sold at Nordstrom
  • Another place to find discounted ethical and sustainable goods

2020 Sustainable Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Shop more sustainable brands featured in the sale through this link.

If the sale isn’t for you, Nordstrom has recently created a Sustainable Style section on the site that allows you to narrow your search to only items Nordstrom has deemed “sustainable.” While this isn’t foolproof, it’s much easier than trying to do it alone. Nordstrom does a decent job of listing why they’ve marked something as sustainable or ethical, so make sure to check the product description.

Shop the Sustainable Style section here.

If that doesn’t work, you can also search by brand name using my guide below…

25+ Sustainable and Ethical You Can Buy at Nordstrom

Eileen Fisher

Clothing made with sustainable and biodegradable fabrics in regulated factories.

Amour Vert

Clothing made with plant-based fibers in regulated factories. Trees planted with purchase.

Mara Hoffman

Clothing made sustainably.


Shoes made with sustainable fabrics in ethical factories.


Athletic and casual wear made with sustainable practices and durability in mind.


Shoes made in regulated factories with a social good mission (TOMS was originally on my “do not buy” list, but they’ve responded well to customer complaints and upped their ethics in recent years).


On the list because they are deeply committed to low water usage and overall sustainability even though parts of their line do not meet my ethics requirements.

Alternative Apparel

Sustainably and ethically produced clothing.

Burt’s Bees

Organic baby clothing and other sustainable goods.

Michael Stars

Made in the USA and/or with fair labor.


Repurpose vintage denim and USA made new denim.

Threads For Thought

Ethically produced clothing with a social enterprise component.

Herbivore Botanicals

All natural, small batch skincare.


Made in USA clothing.

The Honest Company

Sustainable and eco-friendly baby goods.

Matt & Nat

Vegan and ethically produced accessories.

Stella McCartney

High end clothing made ethically and with sustainability in mind.


Shoes made with cork and other natural fibers (check individual products for more details).

Mighty Good Undies

Fairly made underwear.


Sneakers for kids and adults made with eco-friendly materials.

Rachel Comey

High end clothing produced sustainably, ethically, and sometimes in the USA.

Madewell (Fair Trade Denim only)

Madewell released a fair trade certified line. Search “madewell fair trade” to find it!


Sustainable sneakers for women and men


Gentle hair care made with eco ingredients


Gentle, naturally derived skincare


Sustainably and ethically made clothing


All natural beauty


Ethically made with eco-friendly and deadstock fabrics

KUT from the Kloth

With decent ethical criteria and a commitment to factory audits, Kut from the Kloth specializes in denim.

Project Social T

Based in LA, Project Social T focuses on giving back to multiple charities.

Also, a tip from a reader: Nordstrom’s Clearance site, Nordstrom Rack, carries many of the same brands at a lower price point. 

Shop Nordstrom Rack here

If you spot any others, let me know and I’ll add them. Nordstrom doesn’t have the most robust search tools when it comes to ethical keywords.

Interested in more posts like this? Check out my Ethical Alternatives series.

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