Thoughtful Style: Pink Sweater & Chain Earrings

pink sweater chain earrings
not quite spring pink sweater - Rellery chain drop earrings
pink sweater chain earrings

Pink Sweater and Chain Earrings

The calendar says it’s spring, but here in New England, we’re still on the brink.

We’ve had some glorious, sunny days in the high 50s and some overcast days with drizzle and snow. But I know the warm days are coming, and I’m finding ways to usher them in with color, if not with warm-weather clothes.

This is a sweater I picked up from H&M at the end of last year. It has no sustainability credentials. It is, however, the perfect slouchy, tunic-length, baby pink item I never knew I needed. I like it because it straddles the line between lounge and public wear, which is exactly what my life calls for in this moment. I also like how the pink hue plays against my red hair.

I paired the sweater with secondhand Everlane Cigarette Jeans, white boots (currently on sale – size up 1/2 size), and new earrings from Rellery (which they sent at no charge). Rellery’s items are ethically sourced, with most pieces produced in their New England studio.

I particularly like these Rectangle Link Earrings because they are hollow, making them really lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. They’re made with 18K gold over sterling silver, so they’re hypoallergenic. And they make a statement without catching on my face mask.

They also sent me an anklet (!) to feature, which I am overwhelmingly excited about.

pink sweater chain earrings

Coming Up

In other news, I’m hoping to find some time to write something about whiteness as an ideological construct, and how it encourages its adherents to commit violence in our society.

I’m also planning a spring wardrobe post. But between schoolwork and internship (and some health/tax stuff that is not working itself out very quickly), it may be a little while before I can publish more long form posts.

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