Sustainable Long Sleeve T-Shirts For Layering

sustainable long sleeve t-shirts
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Sustainable Long Sleeve T-Shirts

If you’re anything like me, you have a regular rotation of long sleeve shirts to wear under sweaters during the fall and winter months.

Long sleeve shirts are a helpful alternative to layering your short sleeve tees for a number of reasons:

  • Added warmth if you live in a climate that demands multiple layers.
  • Great if you have sensitivities to sweater fabrics like wool and cashmere, because they ensure that the itchy fabric doesn’t directly sit against the skin.
  • A good alternative to a light cardigan on transitional days.

(If it seems self-evident to you to wear a long sleeve shirt when it’s cold, just remember that I grew up in Florida, where long sleeves don’t get much air time.)

While I have found a number of lovely, 100% cotton layering shirts at thrift shops, the pandemic has all but prevented me from thrifting. Plus, basics can be hard to shop for through online secondhand sites unless you already know what brands fit you. So, in addition to my secondhand favorites, I have a tidy collection of slow fashion long sleeve shirts from brands that prioritize organic or natural fibers and ethical labor practices.

This post contains affiliate links. I’m using gendered labels below based on the brand’s own labeling in order to help you find the fit you’re seeking.

My Favorite Brands for Sustainable Long Sleeve T-Shirts


New this season, Everlane makes an organic cotton shirt that fits close to the body for maximum layering potential (I’m wearing it right now). Check the detailed measurement chart to make sure you get the right size (I wear a Medium).

Who? Women, Men


sustainable long sleeve t-shirts

PACT Apparel

PACT uses fair trade certified, organic cotton for their line of simple basics. Items sell out quickly, but are also restocked often, so check back if they don’t have your size.

Who? Women, Men, Kids


Organic Basics

Made with ethical labor and organic cotton, Organic Basics is known for their line of minimalist underwear, athletic wear, socks, and – as the name implies – basics.

Who? Women, Men


sustainable long sleeve t-shirts


Responsibly sourced cotton basics with a tailored and crisp fit. KOTN carries a wider range of styles than other brands listed here.

Who? Women, Men


sustainable long sleeve t-shirts

Universal Standard

Made with textiles like soft Peruvian cotton and sustainable Modal, Universal Standard carries a collection of basics, along with athletic, lounge, and workwear, in an extensive range of sizes.


Known Supply

Known Supply works with artisans in several countries to produce their line of basics and on-trend goods in sustainable cotton. They also offer custom embroidery on some of their goods

Who? Women, Men, Unisex


More in Shopping

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