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A Sustainable Spring Wardrobe That Isn’t Neutral

sustainable spring wardrobe colorful
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A Sustainable Spring Wardrobe 2020

As I prepared to pack for Florida last weekend, I had the privilege of prematurely taking out my spring and summer clothing from storage.

While I would never declare myself a “lover of neutrals” like many in the sustainable fashion space, much of my winter wardrobe is, regrettably, quite neutral (if we’re getting even more specific, most of it is black and gray).

So opening up an under-bed storage container full of warm weather clothing is the visual equivalent to a breath of fresh air. Bright blues, rich oranges, golden yellows – as much variety as a field of wildflowers, all waiting to be picked up and put on.

Some of my spring/summer wardrobe

I have long been a proponent of truly personal style, which means shunning popular or trendy color palettes, silhouettes, and styles when they aren’t what I want to wear. Of course, that’s hard to do. We don’t live in a vacuum, so we’re destined to pick up references from brands, marketing, and other people. That’s not a bad thing, but it pays off (literally and figuratively) to develop some discretion.

Without further ado, here are my spring wardrobe picks. I actually won’t be buying much of anything this spring, as my current wardrobe suits my needs, but I’ve linked to similar items below.

Building a Colorful, Sustainable Spring Wardrobe

  • Colors: Warm Yellow, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Teal, Retro Orange, Pale Pink
  • Items: Gingham Dresses, Vintage Skirts, Light Wash Jeans, Cream Sweaters
  • Textures: Rib Knit, Denim
  • Shoes: Flats, Mules, White sneakers, Loafers

Scroll, then click the images below for product information…

Brands Featured:

People Tree

Secondhand Options:

Local thrift shops

building a colorful sustainable spring wardrobe

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Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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