Easy, Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts
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Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Daniel and I are idealists, but over eleven years of marriage, we’ve learned that we’re not really romantics. We spend a lot of quality time together, so trying to make Valentine’s Day into something exceptional has never worked for us.

In the past, we’ve tried to go out to dinner, but the restaurants have always been booked solid. We’ve done the teddy bears and chocolates, too, but that started to feel wasteful because it wasn’t what we really wanted.

I always like it best when things can be intentional in a way that feels specific to us. My dream gift is an excuse to order delivery and cuddle under three blankets.

I don’t need to go out on the town or flaunt extravagant gifts, I just need an evening free of obligation.

This Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so I’ll be helping facilitate my church community’s antiracism group. Daniel and I will likely make a nice dinner or watch a funny movie Saturday night instead of celebrating on Sunday. I think it’ll be perfect.

Ash & Rose’s Seasonal Shop

Even if you’re not that into the holiday, little gifts are nice. Ash & Rose, a longtime favorite ethical boutique, has a Valentine’s Day Gift Shop and there are so many simple, lovely things that would complement a simple night in with someone you love.

Rather than try to make complicated #content, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from their shop:

Shop the Valentine’s Day Shop here.

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