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 Details: Top, Pants, Boots -  Everlane ; Blazer - secondhand (it belonged to one of the priests at my previous church!)
Details: Top, Pants, Boots – Everlane ; Blazer – secondhand (it belonged to one of the priests at my previous church!)

One of my wardrobe goals this year was to create a small collection of items that work for professional meetings and interviews. I had a ragtag group of ill-fitting blazers and one pair of black pants, but nothing that really worked together.

I’ve never gravitated toward the classics when it comes to dressing, so I was also aiming to find some pieces that still felt like me. I think I finally found the balance I was looking for in this outfit.

The blazer – which I picked up last winter at the thrift shop where I worked – is vintage LL Bean in a wonderfully oversized fit. The textured blue works as a neutral without being boring. I’m wearing one of my favorite pima rib knit tees from Everlane underneath.

Two new additions – the Day Boots and the Straight Leg Crop (I ordered these in Tall so they would fit longer) – polish off the outfit. I like that every piece is traditional without feeling forced, or overly constricting.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did read that Vice article about Everlane customer service workers’ quest to unionize. I am still forming my thoughts on this particular case, and am hoping to bring it into a longer post about American labor abuses. What I’ll say for now is, 1. Everlane workers absolutely should unionize if they want to and, 2. we should remember that most if not all American workers have worked for companies that exploit or antagonize their workers in some way, whether that’s a part of company culture or a consequence of bad bosses. The fact that I rarely see it talked about as a systemic issue outside of retail/service industry communities is rather fascinating.

In other news, I am on winter break right now, so of course I have the worst cold I’ve had in years, complete with a fever and inexplicable hives on my face that come and go at random. I might also be allergic to chicken?

This will likely be my last post before Christmas, so happy holidays to all!

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