Thoughtful Style | The Lucy & Yak Corduroy Boiler Suit I Returned

 Details:  Lucy & Yak Boilersuit ,  Everlane Boots
Details: Lucy & Yak Boilersuit , Everlane Boots

I walked into the living room, did a little spin, and asked Daniel, “what do you think?”

He eyed me quizzically and replied, “Are you in prison?”

You know, he wasn’t wrong. Still, I’m not normally deterred by the opinions of people who don’t see my vision, so I kept it around through Winter Break, trying it on then taking it off again before putting it back in the closet.

It’s not that it was bad. And certainly, if you take a look at the Lucy & Yak Instagram feed, lots of people look amazing in this boiler suit. It’s just that I didn’t feel like myself in it. The color, I reluctantly admitted, was off. The proportions were maybe a bit too big, and honestly, it was hard to get on and off.

In the end, I sold it on Ebay at a loss. That’s what you get for stress-ordering a boilersuit when you actually wanted overalls.

It’s another good reminder that comfort zones aren’t all bad. I think I wanted to feel more carefree in this piece, but in the end it felt fussy, and too far outside the shapes and colors in my closet to get along. It’s ok to have a style identity. Just because your closet feels boring to you doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong.

Boring just means the novelty has worn off – which means, maybe, you’ve settled on something a little more sustainable.

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