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12 (More) Places to Find Affordable + Ethical Fashion

Here it is – my second annual affordable and ethical fashion roundup. 

In the past year, there’s been an explosion of more affordable ethical fashion. It’s a sign that the market is growing, that companies are able to scale, and that the conscious community has an interest in being more inclusive by opening up ethical shopping to people who can’t necessarily afford designer duds. There are still plenty of high end, artisan made goods on the ethical market – and I advocate saving up for them when possible – but to build a basic ethical wardrobe, you need things that work for everyday and don’t cost a month’s rent.

Click here to see last year’s recommendations.

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1. Grove & Bay

A marketplace of carefully vetted ethical clothing and accessories suitable for everyday wear. See my feature here.

2. Krochet Kids

Fairly made, trend-driven styles for women and men, plus bags and winter knits. Download the DoneGood app for a coupon code.

3. Love Justly

An outlet site for ethical brands, Love Justly has lots of beautiful, artisan made clothing and accessories at the lowest possible prices. See it worn here and here.


4. Elegantees

Fairly made by women in Nepal, this season they introduced an organic cotton collection. Download the DoneGood app for a coupon code. See it worn here.

5. Tonle

A zero waste clothing brand based in Cambodia offering screenprinted, woven, and other cotton goods at reasonable prices. See it worn here.

6. Soul Flower

Hippie-style organic, fair, made in USA goods at great price points. I love my Soul Flower stuff. See it worn here.


7. Slowre

A consignment shop for ethical, minimalist, and indie-made goods run by Grechen of Grechen’s Closet.

8. Mayamiko

Featuring bright colors and vintage ’60s inspired prints and silhouettes, and made with natural dyes and nontoxic soaps in a zero waste facility.

9. Live the Give

Ethically made tees and sweatshirts for women and men at reasonable price points.



10. Marquet Fair Trade

Handmade, fair trade jewelry and scarves. I like the Brass Collar necklace.

11. Happy Fox Studio

Lovely jewelry made in the USA out of reclaimed materials. See it worn here.

12. What Daisy Did

Handbags, backpacks, and more made out of reclaimed leather.

I’ll do a post dedicated to shoes in the coming weeks! Happy shopping!

Let me know what you buy, or if you have any questions about brands mentioned here.

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Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.