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Bear with me as I try to get back into illustrated posts.I used to do these – like 5 years ago – but back then I was physically sketching them out on paper then adding color on the computer. It took forever. This one was done digitally from start to finish. There’s room for improvement, for sure, but I am really happy that it seems doable. I’m hoping to doodle a lot more this year.

This is what I packed for 10 days in Florida in December. The weather hovered in the high 70s most of the time and I washed all my clothes halfway through the trip. I actually brought two other pairs of pants, but I didn’t end up wearing them. The best part is that all of this fit into my trusty old Jansport backpack, which I’ve been using since 2004!

What I Packed for 10 Days in Florida

1 | Fair Indigo Essential Scoop Tee, 32.90

Soft and thick organic pima cotton makes this a really durable piece for travel.

2 | Everlane Cotton Crew Neck, $15 

I no longer recommend the Everlane v-necks because the necklines tend to roll in the wash, but the crew necks have a stiffer neck and look new forever. I own three and will probably buy a couple more when the weather warms up.

3 | Everlane Boat Neck in Stripe, $22

This striped pattern is my very favorite. I own it in the boatneck and a crewneck and somehow it goes with everything, plus the black is soft enough to mix with navy.

4 | Everlane Pima Micro Rib Open V-neck, $28

I own practically every version of Everlane’s pima rib knit collection because they are simply perfect: lightly insulating, flattering fit, and they hold up really well, too.

5 | Malia Designs Recycled Cement Crossbody Bag, $38

Durable and water repellant, this bag is a great size for travel and is flexible enough to throw into luggage if you’ve maxed out your personal item limit on the flight.

6 | Known Supply Custom Embroidered Tee, $28 + $10 for embroidery

Mine says my last name, but I have another one that says Do Re Me. I love how fun these are, and they’re made with super soft pima cotton, too.

7 | Oxfords

My sister bought me these wonderful statement oxfords at a consignment store. They’re made with really soft leather and were the perfect shoe for exploring St. Augustine on a moderate weather day.

8 | Melissa x Jason Wu Sandals (similar)

I bought these on clearance a few years ago. They’re not super eco-friendly, but Melissa claims to be able to recycle the plastic material if you send them back in. The great thing about them is that they’re completely washable and don’t really show signs of wear.

9 | Everlane Day Glove Flat in Rose, $115

I decided to try to wear these in on my trip and it didn’t work perfectly. I ended up with an open cut on my ankle, but they are loosening up now and hopefully will be comfortable by Virginia springtime.

10 | Molly Virginia Made Earrings, $65

I bought these with some saved up consignment credit at local shop, Darling Boutique. They are lightweight but make an impact, perfect for a trip where you’re packing pretty minimally.

11 | Everlane Authentic Stretch Cigarette Jean in Mid Blue, $78

My go-to for comfort, I like these jeans but don’t love them. I wish they had a zip front instead of the button fly, because the stretch material pulls a bit at my hips and creates minor gaping. Still, these were great for long plane and car rides.

12 | Thrifted Polka Dot Skirt

A classic, straight-cut skirt in easy to pack rayon. I wore this a lot because the weather ended up being hotter than I expected.

Final Thoughts

I have A LOT of Everlane. Whoa. I’m still waiting for that other shoe to drop that reveals they’re hiding something, but I do have to say that their stuff is my absolute favorite. It’s versatile, fits me well, and holds up for years and years (with a few exceptions).

Overall, I was super happy with what I packed. Everything went together without being boring. There were a few opportunities for interesting pattern mixing and color combinations and I didn’t really get tired of anything!

What should I doodle next?

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