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Think Ethical Fashion is Boring? 45 Sustainable Brands that Prove Otherwise

I recently received an email from a reader who loves the ethical fashion community but feels that it’s not inclusive or self-aware enough when it comes to racial justice and body positivity. I agree with her there, and it’s something I am always trying to work on with my content on StyleWise, recognizing that, often, I need to bring other voices in to tackle these intersectional topics.

But there was one other thing she mentioned, and it’s something I feel well qualified to respond to immediately: there’s not enough aesthetic variety in ethical fashion.

Now, this is something I’ve heard from the beginning: ethical fashion is too hippie, too “arts and crafty,” too boxy, too boring. This rang true five or six years ago, when the majority of conscious consumers were woke-before-their-time baby boomers with a deep love of both mother earth and tie-dye.

But ethical fashion, in case you haven’t heard, is “the new black,” (I take issue with making it trendy, but it sells), and the options have definitely expanded since then, though maybe not in all the ways people would prefer.

Whether your style is sexy, grunge, beachy, boho, feminine, or preppy, there’s something for you on the ethical fashion market. Round out your style with secondhand goods and things you already own and you’re good to go.

This post contains affiliate links. The following brands are committed to ethical and improving labor practices and generally use sustainable or deadstock materials.

Ethical Fashion for Everyone: 45 Brands, 13 Style Genres

Sexy & Ethical



Synergy Organic Clothing

Grunge/Tomboy & Ethical

Urban Outfitters’ Renewal Line

Round + Square

Backbeat Rags

Tomboy X

Fashion-y & Ethical

Mara Hoffman

The Summer House


Beachy & Ethical

Krochet Kids

Bleu Salt

LA Relaxed

Azura Bay (swim)

Outdoorsy & Ethical (Gorpcore)


United by Blue

Maggie’s Organics (hiking socks)

“Just the Basics” & Ethical

Organic Basics

Fair Indigo

Alternative Apparel

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Feminine/Vintage & Ethical

People Tree


Mata Traders

Passion Lilie

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Free Spirited & Ethical

Soul Flower

EcoVibe Apparel

Victoria Road

MORE: 6 Ethical Brands That Are Better Than Free People

Lady Boss & Ethical


Maven Women


Alice Alexander

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Lounge-y & Ethical (Normcore)


PACT Apparel


“The Working Artist” & Ethical

Eileen Fisher

Elizabeth Suzann

Only Child

Pyne & Smith Clothiers

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Bespoke & Ethical



Damaja Handmade

PERI the Label

All-American & Ethical

National Picnic




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.