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5 Ways to Style White Boots This Fall

style white boots

5 Ways to Style White Boots

Sometime around 2017, I got the bug. I wanted a pair of white boots, but my requirements turned out to negate almost all boots on the market.

I wanted them to be more mod than country, with clean lines and few embellishments. I didn’t want a chunky, Doc Marten style combat boot, but more of a sleek Chelsea boot. I wanted real leather, knowing they hold up better over time (and having mourned a pair of favorite pleather boots that had split from their sole without warning). So, for literally years, I periodically scoured every website I could think of – ethical, conventional, and secondhand – in addition to local thrift stores, for the white boots of my dreams. My efforts turned up nothing.

And then, like a beam of light from above, my dream boots became a reality. Already knowing I was willing to broaden my ethical criteria in favor of finding the exact version of what I wanted, I snapped up these Everlane boots a few weeks ago. Made with water-resistant leather and an anti-slip lug sole, they’re streamlined while being fully functional for New England winters.

In a fit of excitement, I decided to style these white boots 5 ways. See the looks below…

WFH Casual

Mom jeans and a slightly oversized plaid are comfortable for long days on Zoom, but also appropriate to run quick errands in.

Thrifted & Layered

This outfit reminds me of my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Passmore, who always wore long jumper-style dresses.

Thrifted Outfit / Boots
style white boots

All Dressed Up

…with nowhere to go. These MATTER pants could be a bit drafty in the colder months, but the shape allows enough room for an under-layer, like thermals or leggings.

Tonal with Full-Length Jeans

I don’t own cream or white jeans, so my initial goal of going monochrome didn’t quite work. Instead, I tried my best to dress as the protagonist in a 90s movie. See my review of AE Curvy Jeans.

Black & White

Classic contrast wearing another pair of MATTER pants. These have an elastic waist and are super comfy to wear at home.

The Boots

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.