Alternatives to Babaa Sweaters (That are Still Sustainable)

alternatives to babaa sweaters
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Alternatives to Babaa Sweaters

I have not personally tried a Babaa sweater, so I can’t verify if the quality warrants the amount of influencer buzz surrounding this sweater brand. I do know that the vast majority of good reviews seem to be from people who have received one of Babaa’s nearly $300 sweaters for free in exchange for a feature.

I’m an “influencer,” too, so I get it. I don’t doubt that Babaa makes a good product – not to mention a very sustainable one. But it can be really easy to let the enthusiasm of receiving such a luxury item for free bleed into an enthusiastic review that doesn’t account for the high investment.

Babaa also does this bizarre thing of offering all of their items in one-size-fits-all, which, in my experience, means one-size-fits-nobody-well.

I had initially thought this was because items were hand knit, and having a set size made the process easier for their knitters. But it turns out that the sweaters are machine-knit, so all I can do is shrug.

In any case, this post came about as a response to Babaa’s immense popularity and my desire to find some more affordable alternatives.

There are other ethical and transparent brands that make similar sweaters in 100% cotton and sustainable wool. There are also a bazillion lovely vintage wool sweaters available for sale online.

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9 Alternatives to Babaa Sweaters

1 | ABLE

Always a round-up favorite, ABLE recently released a few varieties of chunky-knit sweaters made with 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton in an ethical factory.

XS-XL, Under $150

Try the Rose Relaxed Sweater Tunic and the Virginia Sweater Cardigan (pictured)

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alternatives to babaa sweaters

2 | Italic

Italic uses the same factories as high-end designers to create their line of high quality clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, and more. Their sweater collection includes cashmere, cotton, and this striking wool cardigan.

Sizes XS-XL. Most sweaters under $100

Try the Grandma Wool Ribbed Cardigan (pictured).

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Italic alternative to Babaa

3 | Tradlands

Ethically produced in 100% cotton, the Shelter cardigan is about $50 less expensive than Babaa, but comes in multiple sizes.

XXS-2XL, $227

Shop the Shelter Cardigan. The Fisherman Sweater is beautiful, too.

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alternatives to babaa sweaters

4 | Backbeat Co.

Made in an ethical factory with organic cotton.

XS-XXL, $158

Shop the Organic Cotton Tie Cardigan (pictured).

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alternatives to babaa sweaters

5 | Reformation

A curated collection of cozy sweaters made with recycled cashmere.

XS-XL, ~$150

Shop the Luisa Cropped Sweater (pictured)

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6 | Amour Vert

Made ethically with fully traceable, humane merino wool.

XS-XL, $150+

Shop the Penelope Sweater (pictured)

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7 | People Tree

Classic knits made with 100% organic, fair trade certified cotton.

UK 8-16, ~$130

Shop the Rowena Cardigan (pictured)

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alternatives to babaa sweaters

8 | Allbirds

Carbon neutral and made with traceable, ethical wool, this is Allbirds’ first foray into clothing.

Shop the Wool Cardi (pictured).

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9 | Vintage

Don’t forget to look for vintage wool cardigans and sweaters on Etsy and Ebay. They’re numerous, and often available at a very good price. Once you see a style you like, try narrowing your search by brand name or key terms.

I often search for “Irish wool” if I’m looking for a thick, sturdy style.

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