Plus Size Sustainable Brands: 19 Size Inclusive Options

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

Plus Size Sustainable Brands

Over the past several years, body positive and body neutral activists have rightly pointed out that ethical and sustainable fashion cannot be rightly called these things without better accessibility. Plus size sustainable brands are better able to live into the values of ethics in the fashion industry. Because they account for the fact that everyone deserves well-fitting clothes.

(Influencers like Aja Barber and Marielle Elizabeth have done amazing work on this topic. See Marielle Elizabeth’s shopping guides at the end of this post.)

The size inclusive and plus size brands in this post show that making ethical and sustainable fashion for more bodies is not only possible, but fashionable.

And by paying attention to fit across a fuller range of sizes, they acknowledge that no body is normative, or should be held up as such.

Of course, as with all sustainable options, they often cost a little more than conventional brands. That’s why I have included big box brands that offer some sustainability credentials, as well as a secondhand option.

Things aren’t perfect when it comes to accessibility, but they are getting better.

A few notes on terminology:

  • Size Inclusive: I am using this term to indicate the the brand carries the same styles in straight and plus sizes. I am aware that none of the brands listed here are truly inclusive in the sense of their styles being suitable or sized for all bodies. This is an ongoing issue, especially in sustainable fashion.
  • Plus Size: There are alternatives to the term plus size, but it is the most universally understood designation, and still widely used in brand sizing. I use this term because it is known, not because it is better.
  • Ethical and Sustainable: In an industry that still does not care to accommodate all sizes, we should unapologetically shop from stores that carry what fits us. I denote things as ethical and/or sustainable in this post according to their standardized uses: Ethical meaning good labor practices and Sustainable meaning attention to ecological impacts. These terms apply to products, not the people who buy them.
  • Within brand descriptions, I use the brand’s terminology.

When selecting brands, I looked for a balance of sustainability initiatives, natural fibers, ethical production, and size range. This post contains affiliate links.

Note: As a straight-sized person, I share this resource in acknowledgement of my limitations. I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Size Inclusive Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Plus Size Sustainable Brands - Big Bud Press

1 | Big Bud Press

Specializing in unisex and size-inclusive styles, Big Bud Press offers basics and on-trend items in a variety of color ways. And don’t miss their seasonal samples sales!

Sizes XXXS-7XL


Plus Size Sustainable Brands

2 | Universal Standard

With a goal to offer high quality, versatile, and always comfortable clothing, Universal Standard is a size inclusive and slow fashion brand. They also offer a “fit liberty” guarantee on some of their denim, which means you can exchange them for a different size within one year of purchase.

Universal Standard has created their own size chart. Denim runs from around a 00-40


Plus Size Sustainable Brands - Sotela

3 | Sotela

Sotela is an inclusive, sustainable brand that focuses on clothing that fits all bodies, even through body fluctuations. Items are made in the USA.

Sizes up to 71″ hips (each product has its own measurement chart).


4 | Hackwith Design House

Woman-owned and domestically produced, HDH uses natural and deadstock fabrics to produce its line. They carry both straight-sized and plus sized collections. They also offer a secondhand market for their clothes.

Sizes XS-4X


Plus Size Sustainable Brands - Tradlands

5 | Tradlands

Tradlands offers impeccably crafted, sustainable goods produced in an audited factory. They recently added plus size options to their collection, and will continue to expand their range of styles and sizes in coming seasons. Read more about their ethics in this post

Sizes XXS-5X


6 | Tonle

Tonle produces their collection of edgy, inclusive, and collaborative designs in Cambodia. Artisans are fairly paid. Tonle is also committed to zero waste practices, so many of their designs incorporate scraps from others designs. They use factory remnant fabric for their collection.

Sizes XS-3XL


Plus Size Sustainable Brands - Loud Bodies

7 | Loud Bodies

With dresses to fulfill all your cottage core dreams along with separates, Loud Bodies is sustainable, ethically produced, and size inclusive. They also offer customization options if your size and proportions aren’t represented in the size chart. 

Sizes XXS-10XL


8 | Miakoda

Modern loungewear, athletic separates, leggings, and underwear. Made with ethical and eco-friendly practices in NYC.

Sizes XS-4XL


9 | Girlfriend Collective

Specializing in active wear, Girlfriend Collective uses recycled materials to create their line of size-inclusive leggings, bras, and more. (Please note that a friend mentioned that many items run 2 sizes small.)

Sizes XXS-6XL


10 | Alice Alexander

Alice Alexander is a size-inclusive, woman-owned ethical and sustainable brand carrying trend-conscious, high quality clothing for a variety of occasions and style preferences.

Sizes 0-30.


11 | On the Plus Side

Offering exclusively plus sizes, On the Plus Side was founded in 1984 to offer thoughtful, more sustainable clothing. Many products are made in the USA. 

Sizes 22-48


12 | Levi’s

Levi’s Waterless collection uses significantly less water in the production and finishing process. 69% of Levi’s are now made in this way, and many come in plus sizes. Levi’s also offers a secondhand marketplace. 

Plus Sizes 14-26


13 | Eileen Fisher

One of the original sustainable brands, Eileen Fisher offers classic clothing in natural materials. Eileen Fisher recently expanded their plus size options and did away with the plus size section on their site. Now you can shop your size from one listing.

Sizes PP-3X


14 | Poppy Row

Described as a “capsule collection of modular clothing,” Poppy Row clothing is intended to coordinate seamlessly. But this capsule collection isn’t bland. It’s full of bright pieces. And it’s produced sustainably.

Sizes 2-28


15 | Tuesday of California

Tuesday of California is a playful and retro-inspired size inclusive brand based in Los Angeles. Production takes place in LA at a sweatshop-free facility or abroad in verified factories. 

Sizes XXS-7X


16 | Miranda Bennett Studio

Based in Austin, Texas, Miranda Bennet Studio focuses on ethical, sustainable, small batch production. They specialize in nontoxic plant dyes, which they use to dye their collection. They also produce the collection in-house. 

Many items one size 0-20, Others use a custom size chart


Better at Big Box Stores

Plus Size Sustainable Brands - Madewell

17 | Madewell Denim

Fair trade certified denim made with more sustainable practices. In Madewell’s classic, covetable styles.

Plus Sizes 14-28


18 | Target Universal Thread

Fair trade certified denim available at your local Target. Just check the label before buying.

Sizes 00-26



19 | Thredup

A massive secondhand retailer, Thredup offers women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing and accessories. Get $10 off your first purchase with my link.

Sizes 00-5X


Check out Marielle Elizabeth’s 4X+ Ethical Brand List and her Size 18+ List (which is super comprehensive)

Also see My Green Closet’s roundup of plus size slow fashion brands

Leah Wise

Leah Wise is the founder of StyleWise Blog. She has been writing, speaking, and consulting on sustainable fashion, the fair trade and secondhand supply chain, and digital marketing for over ten years. An Episcopal priest, Leah holds a B.A. in Religion from Florida State University and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School. When not working, you can find her looking for treasures at the thrift store.

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