Cheap and Easy Soap Brows

Cheap and Easy Soap Brows

Have you heard of Soap Brows? It’s basically a product + method for getting a full and separated eyebrow look. There are several companies who sell a product called “soap brows,” and prices can range from as low as $5.00 to upwards of $20.00. But true soap brows are literally that: brows styled with soap.

At first, I thought that meant running a standard bar soap through a spoolie and then applying it to brows. Some online influencers and magazines recommend this, though Cosmopolitan consulted a dermatologist who recommended against this, since soap contains surfactants that can irritate skin when not washed off.

Additionally, soap with a white cast can leave visible residue on darker eyebrows. I tried it once – it was not a good look.

However, in that same Cosmo article, said dermatologist mentions that the thing that makes eyebrows retain their shape and thickness with the soap brow trick is the glycerin content in soap bars. There seemed to be an obvious solution: buy a glycerin bar.

And wouldn’t you know. I already had one, which I have been using as a gentle shave soap. I also had a densely-bristled toothbrush in my cosmetic bag, which I use to brush my eyebrows before setting them. With nothing else to do, I tried the soap brow trick.

cheap easy soap brows

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How to Achieve Soap Brows


cheap easy soap brows


To get the soap brow look, I wet the bristles of my toothbrush, then swirled it in my glycerin bar until the surface of the bar was saturated. You can use a spoolie for this step if you prefer.

After a few seconds, I applied a bit of pressure to the bar with the bristles – enough to pick up some soap – then started brushing my eyebrows up and out. I did a couple applications, then stopped touching my eyebrows so that they could set.

Since I hadn’t trimmed my brows in awhile, I used my new soap brow precision-placement to straighten out the upturned edges for a more even shape.

cheap easy soap brows


My eyebrow hairs thin out a lot near the edge, so I couldn’t reasonably achieve the totally-brushed-up look without compromising the shape of my brows. If you do this trick, make sure to respect your natural brow shape and thickness, and use more product than you think you need for maximum hold.

Have you tried soap brows? Any tips?

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