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Native Deodorant Unsponsored Review

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Native Deodorant Unsponsored Review

I have been meaning to put together a deodorant review for years. I started experiencing a reaction to conventional deodorants in 2010, so I switched to aluminum-free versions. Though some worked for awhile, it took until 2019 to finally find a “natural” deodorant that ticked all the boxes. That product was Native Deodorant, specifically their sensitive version.

Note that I didn’t switch to aluminum-free deodorants due to health fears about aluminum. According to this article, the risks of conventional deodorant are overstated.

For reference, I grew up in Florida, so I know what it means to really sweat. And I probably sweat as much if not more than “average,” at least from what I can glean from anecdotes.

Why Other Deodorants Didn’t Work

I often found that the natural deodorants I tried would prevent odor for a week and then just…stop working. I don’t know enough about body chemistry to draw any conclusions. But over the years, I went through a dozen brands.

I also had a hard time with really wet applications like Crystal Deodorant (they just wouldn’t dry!) or the kind you have to scoop up with your fingers (they’re inconvenient to apply).

Another BIG ONE is that many natural deodorants contain baking soda, which I find extremely irritating on my sensitive skin.

My Deodorant Musts:

  • Non-irritating (baking soda free)
  • Dry touch
  • Easy application
  • Doesn’t stain clothing
  • Controls odor
  • At least mildly anti-perspirant

My Thoughts on Native Deodorant – Sensitive

Odor and Perspiration Control

One thing to keep in mind with aluminum-free deodorants is that they simply will not control sweating – and therefore odor – as well as their conventional counterparts. That being said, I find that Native keeps me feeling relatively dry for the first 4 hours on a warm day, with decent odor control after that. If you aren’t sensitive to baking soda, you may find even better results with the standard version.

Odor control is consistent, too. But make sure you get a scent that meshes with your body chemistry. Some fragrances work better for me than others. I prefer Cucumber & Mint and Cotton & Lily.

Consistency and Application

Native Deodorant is easy to apply, but has a dry touch that I prefer. They also carry some scents in a plastic free, cardboard container, which is compostable.

Since I normally pick up deodorant at my local Target, I haven’t found the sensitive version in cardboard. It looks like they carry two sensitive fragrances in the plastic-free version online.

A major perk of switching to aluminum-free deodorant is that it’s less likely to damage or discolor clothing. I have absolutely no issues washing deodorant out of my clothing, which helps my clothes last longer.

Skin Health

And, of course, a major reason I prefer Native Sensitive Deodorant is that I experience no skin irritation!

Native carries deodorant intended for any gender, as well as seasonal fragrances if that’s your thing. Let me know if you have any questions.

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