Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review

Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review - navy wool slippers on gray sheets with green knit blanket

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Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review

There are some, seemingly boring, things you acquire without knowing they will change your life.

Whether it’s the Instant Pot, the perfect sweatshirt, or a surprisingly nice throw pillow, you quickly become attached, and can barely remember what life was like without it.

For me, that item is my Kyrgies slippers.

Kyrgies collaborated with me on my Holiday Gift Guide and sent along a pair of their slippers as part of the deal. I already knew they would be a great item to feature as a gift – who wouldn’t want a pair of hand-felted slippers? – but I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d end of wearing them.

I have the high back version of their Classic Indoor Slipper, and at $69.00 a pair, my cost-per-wear since receiving them in early November is something like $1.15, and I wear them literally the whole time I’m at home.

Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review - navy slippers on gray sheets with cat in background

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woman wearing slippers sole to sole on bed - Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review

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What I Like About Kyrgies

I’ll include production details below, but from a product perspective, I love these slippers because they’re both substantial and soft, structured and flexible.

  • The sole has nonslip rubber so these are great whether you’re sitting on the couch or running down to the lobby of your apartment to check the mail.
  • The molded shape hugs your foot and gently supports it.
  • If you have a cat that likes to attack your feet, you’re protected.
  • The rounded toe box leaves ample room for wiggling.

I prefer to wear mine with socks for added warmth (we keep our apartment kind of cold in the winter), but they’re comfortable on bare feet, too.

What To Consider Before Buying

Obviously, if you already have a favorite pair of slippers or are allergic to wool, you should avoid this purchase. If you have a pet that sheds, like I do, their hair/fur will attach itself to these slippers. I left a little fur fluff in the photos for the sake of authenticity, but it’s easy to pull off.

woman wearing black pants and wool slippers stretched on bed - Kyrgies Wool Slippers Review

Production Details

Kyrgies are made with wet-felted wool in Kyrgyzstan, where felting is a traditional artisan craft with ties to the country’s historic reliance on sheep grazing. Kyrgies’ artisans receive a living wage and work at a women-led factory. Learn more about the intricate process of wet-felting on the site.

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