Quince Linen Dress Review

Quince Linen Dress review - organic linen shirtdress
Quince sent me this dress for review. This post contains affiliate links.

Quince Linen Dress Review

Earlier in the month, Quince sent their 100% Organic Linen Short Sleeve Dress for me to review. Between relocating to Virginia and other summer travel chaos, I’m just now getting around to featuring it.

Linen Dress Details

Quince’s linen dress is made of mid-weight, European, organic linen that is opaque, but still very breathable. It was made in Vietnam in a Business Social Compliance Initiative certified factory, which Quince says “aims to improve working conditions.”

As a recap, Quince uses a manufacturer-to-model (M2C) to cut down on overproduction and reduce risk for their partner factories.

I’m wearing this dress in the color Driftwood in a size Medium. My measurements are 34-30-41″.

Quince Linen Dress review - organic linen shirtdress
Quince Linen Dress review - organic linen shirtdress


As is often the case with clothing, this dress was not made for pear shapes. It has a straight, ’90s inspired silhouette that would be most suitable on a straighter frame.

On me, the dress presents a few fit challenges. First, the hips are too narrow, meaning I can’t actually wear this as a standalone dress. And second, the top is quite large, meaning I need to wear something under it in order not to expose myself.

Because the dress. is too large on top and too small on bottom, the only workaround would be to buy a size up and get the top tailored (which I’m not going to do).

That being said, I had originally envisioned this dress worn almost as a summer overcoat, so it’s still functional for me.

Quince Linen Dress review - organic linen shirtdress

Quality and Price Point

Even though the Quince Linen Dress is not a perfect fit for me, the quality is really good. The linen is substantial, the buttons are spaced appropriately, and the mid-century lapel shape is very cute.

At $49.90, this dress is priced really well.

Should you buy it?

Buy the Quince Linen Dress if you are straight-figured, or size up and tailor if you’re pear-shaped like me. I can’t say enough good things about the quality, even in spite of fit issues. But I wouldn’t buy it again for myself.

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  1. Thanks for the review! As someone with an hourglass shape, I can’t see this working for me either. Just looking at it, I can see the cut is very straight the whole way through the garment. I really wish brands would cater to people with different body types instead of one.

    1. Thanks for sharing that! You’re right. There’s room for a larger bust, but certainly not for hourglass hips. I feel the same way about lack of options for my shape, and it seems particularly bad in the more sustainable and direct-to-consumer space.

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